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BSBHRM512 Assessment Answers | Develop And Manage Performance-management Processes

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Australian students who are pursuing Human Resources Management (HRM) as their career goal are required to do various tasks in this field of studies. One of them among all these tasks is the BSBHRM512 assignment. In this academic paper, students need to demonstrate their skills & knowledge that they have acquired during their time inside the institutes regarding the implementation of performance management. Writing BSBHRM512 assessment answers is one of the most complicated & difficult tasks that every HRM student needs to do in his academic life.

This type of assessment requires some extra effort from the student’s end. Not only that, but if students lack some of the foundation skills to make this assignment, they probably suffer more than the students who have a good grasp of that skills. Some of the most important skills that are essentially required by the students to write an answer for the BSBHRM512 assessment are described below in this write-up. And to know more regarding learning how to write BSBHRM512 assessment answers easily, you should read this blog with an open mind till the end.

Foundation Skills Required to Write BSBHRM512 Assessment Answers

This section of this blog focuses on the essential skills that are required by students to write an answer for the BSBHRM512 assignment. In this section, students will get 6 skills that are important to get a solution for the BSBHRM512 assessment. The skills are:

  1. Reading - Reading is a common skill that usually all the student possesses. It is one of the easiest attainable skills that help students to interpret critical analysis skills to identify the objects that needed to be addressed in the BSBHRM512 assessment answers.
  2. Writing - The basic foundation skill that is required to write an answer for the BSBHRM512 assignment is writing. Using broad vocabulary, correct grammatical structure, and appropriate words to develop an answer is essential for the submission of the assignment.
  3. Oral Communication - Often, maximum information in this type of task comes from the oral presentation of the professor or helper. Oral communication & listening help students to extract main ideas from oral texts to confirm or for clear understanding.
  4. Numeracy - This type of assessment requires numerical representation from the students for stating the success rate of the activity that is required to do for the assignment.
  5. Rational Thinking - In this assignment, students needs to understand policies of an organization to formulate rational process relevant to the requirement, which is linked with the skills that deals with the navigation of the world of work.
  6. Curiosity - The most essential and required skill of students to draft a BSBHRM512 assignment is their curiosity to get the work done. This assignment needs time management and hard work from students. Those students who don’t show any interest in this assignment usually lack the motivation to get their work done.

These are the 6 fundamental skills that are essentially required from the HRM students to draft this type of assignment.

Students who have all these skills inside them can easily write BSBHRM512 assessment answers.

For students who lack these skills and wondering, ‘How can they write their assignment?’ should not be worried because, at the end of this blog, even they are going to get all their answers.

In the next part of this blog, Australian students can understand 3 types of tasks that are needed to be completed to get a proper answer for their BSBHRM512 assignment.

3 Task to Complete for Writing BSBHRM512 Assessment Answers

In this type of assignment, students are usually asked to solve 3 tasks, and in each task, there are some questions that they need to answer. To understand it more, let’s get in the details and examples regarding these tasks.


To understand this task in a clear form, let’s take an example; you are required to review the Australian Hardware simulated business information given in the case of an assignment.

The case is: -

You are the HR General Manager at any Australian Hardware company, and you recently planned how to implement an integrated performance management process. Now, you need to deliver manager training to assist managers in implementing performance management.

Not only that, but you also need to make sure your training should be consistent with any process that you develop in Task 1, as well as it should be consistent with all the policies & procedures of the company. For example, if you got a process of biannual performance review in Task 1, your training process should not contain any contradictory knowledge towards that process.

The learners include –

  • Managers aged between 25-50 years
  • Managers who like observing others
  • Managers who request a lot of activities

Then you need to help managers to perform according to the policies & procedure of the company. And at the end, you need to continually evaluate the effectiveness of that process against an objective.


Develop a training program by using the template given in the appendix. Make sure the plan should meet the objective of training & monitoring evaluation.

The plan should follow the 20 to 25 minutes session discussion on the key features of the performance management process and provide enough time to practice for managers.

Key Points to Remember at the Time of Providing Training

  1. Outlining the main features of the performance management process.
  2. Meet the needs of trainees.
  3. Present information that is consistent with the process you outlined in Task 1, following the policies & procedures of the organization.
  4. Use facilitation methods for different learning styles.
  5. Follow the time frame you outlined.

Task 2

Let’s understand this task with the help of a scenario- the manager of an organization contact his HR to enquire-

Hello Sir,

One of my sales team members is constantly late and displaying a poor attitude towards his work. Not only that, but he performed below the agreed level on his last 3 performance appraisals. The problem is that he resists understanding the query and does not agree with the rating I have given him.

I tried clarifying targets to him and giving coaching, but nothing works on him. Maybe I am not adequately delivering feedback. In this kind of situation, it becomes hard for me not to be frustrated. Actually, the reason is- I feel let down and hurt because I have tried my all to develop those skills that I once saw in him.

Now this terrible situation is affecting my team morale in a lot of bad ways. Tell me what I should do next? I might think let this employee go to the houseware manager in Wollongong.

Sales Manager, (Name of an organization)


In this type of scenario or the case of an assignment, you need to draft an email to the Wollongong houseware Manager discussing-

  • The positive approach of providing coaching and feedback to the employee.
  • Ask what the suitable options for this employee are.
  • Discuss the process required for resolution.
  • Develop systematic termination for an employee in case of unsuccessful efforts.

Key Factor to Remember

While writing this email, make sure that you are referring to relevant policies, including references, anti-discrimination & privacy.


HR students need to require reflective theory to evaluate the performance, the effectiveness of the performance management process and need to suggest a time frame to evaluate the process.

Once they are done with writing reflection, they can submit their BSBHRM512 assessment by following these specifications:

  • Providing replicated training session
  • Session plan
  • A complete reflection paper

These are the 3 types of tasks that are needed to be done by HR students to write BSBHRM512 assessment answers for their assignment.

Now, the question arises in many Australian students' minds that how Bsbhrm512 Develop and Manage Performance-management Processes Assessment Answer?

To solve this question, here are the required essential elements to develop and manage the BSBHRM512 assessment.

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Essential Elements to Develop and Manage of BSBHRM512 Assessment

These types of HR assessment requires skills and subject knowledge from the students, but that doesn’t mean that nothing else is required to draft an assignment. Here are some essential elements from the experts in Australia that can help students in Bsbhrm512 Develop and Manage Performance-management Processes Assessment Answers. The elements are:

1. Create an assimilated process for managing performance

  • Examine the operational plan & organizational strategy
  • Plan ideas related to the process of managing performance
  • Design process & methods
  • Estimate the time frame

2. Simplify the process of performance management

  • Provide training to the individual or concerned group
  • Work in collaboration
  • Maintain discipline among employees
  • Give support to the dismissed employee
  • Check the result is stored securely

3. Effective management of individual & group development learning

  • Develop and implement strategy
  • Provide development plans
  • Monitor activities and make sure learning is going on
  • Prepare report

These are the essential elements that are required to develop and manage BSBHRM512 assessment answers.

As in this blog, it is mentioned earlier that students who lack fundamental skills and knowledge regarding the subject faces a lot of difficulties in drafting this assessment, but there is a way for them to make their assignment with all the correct and logical answers.

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