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Architecture enthusiasts must read about these five buildings

Everyday is a platform for man to develop the world, little more than yesterday. As we speak, thousands of engineers and architects are working on an important project that will add up to your city. While engineers put the building blocks together, it’s an architect’s job to design a building and make it look attractive.

Big names in the market hire their employees directly from the campus interviews. In order to get selected, architectural students have to pay a lot of attention to their projects. Sometimes there is so much designing involved that it becomes impossible for a single person to perform the task. That’s when the students form team and complete a mammoth task by dividing it among each other.

Being an aspirant architect, you might need some inspiration for your upcoming project. If that’s the case, here’s the list of five buildings that will open up your creative side:

The PriceWaterhouseCooper’s Building in UK

Ask yourself a question, “Are you obsessed with glasses?” If the answer is yes, visit this building and its architecture will fuel your obsession. The basic principle behind building this complex structure was to provide renewable energy sources to the employees working inside. The tower is also armed with hi-tech IT system which allows the workers to maneuver light and temperature at their workplace.

Nautilus House, Mexico

If someday you cooked mushrooms you found wildly growing in forest, and then found a house which looked like this, you’ll probably think that you’re hallucinating. The Nautilus house in Mexico uses a lot of environmental inspired colors and patterns that make it look something otherworldly. It blends modern art with architecture and also has an indoor garden.

Toilet-Shaped House, South Korea

You thought N. Koreans are the only one who are creative with the art of offending, check this S. Korean wonder out. It was designed by Sim Jae Duck, and the house is where he actually lives. As the name suggests, his home is in the shape of a toilet, and when you see it from the above and you can’t locate the skid marks, is when you really thank god for the creation of mankind.

Singapore Pavilion, Singapore

Since the time world reunited, all the countries started celebrating various auspicious occasions together. One of which is World Expo which happens every year by the name “EXPO”. It’s very usual for a host country to spend quite a considerable amount of sum in constructing something that will make them proud. Under similar guidelines, Singapore Pavilion was built in the year 2010. It is in the shape of an open music box depicting the technology, the garden, and the environment are surviving in a harmony.

Indira Gandhi Planetarium, India

Here’s another place to visit in India other than those Kebab stalls. Boy they are unhealthy. Located in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, it has the most complex architecture than the other thirty planetariums. Its building is constructed in a way that it resembles Saturn (the 5th Planet). The planet body at the Indira Gandhi Planetarium serves the purpose of soundproof auditorium and museum, and the rings that surround it is a place for administration office.

These are few of the most significant buildings that stand around the world. Apart from the modern architecture, there’s a lot you can learn from ancient building techniques. The modern buildings of 21st century come with a lifespan of (maximum) 100 years, however, Colosseum, Pyramids, and the Stonehenge stand at their place for years. Learn from the ancient architecture as well as the modern ones to become an expert at what you do.

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