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Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care Answers

Children are the foundation of our society. If you can help any children to grow in a well-nourished environment then believe it or not you are contributing to the development of your country. CHC50113, diploma in early childhood education and care is one of those assessments that are mandatory for all health care and childhood education aspirants. Though the assessment is related to child care, it is not a child’s play to complete it on your own and that is why a lot of students want assistance with their answers. It is considered to be a simple assessment by the professors however when students attempt to complete it, they disagree with them.

If you are one of those who are looking forward to making a career in the field or going to get enrolled in the diploma, then DO NOT skip on this blog, as this blog is going to provide you with all the information that you will ever require to complete CHC50113 assessment answers. Before we start with how to solve the assessment, let us first understand everything about it in the upcoming sections.

What Is CHC50113 Assessment? Explained From Scratch!

This assessment is a diploma that almost every student has to complete in their academic career if they want to work in the sector of early childhood care or education. The assessment revolves around monitoring the basic behavior of children, understanding their way of living, their reactions, and retortion on different occasions. When you are surrounded by children, you must know how to tackle them, as it is not an easy task to stay around children. These are the early days for them and you have to be very careful of how you behave in front of them as-well-as how they interact with you as these interactions might shape their character and their future. Do not forget about the responsibilities which you take up when you actually make a career in this field.

As a childcare specialist, you are going to encounter a lot of incidents related to children from different backgrounds, origins as well as cultures. You can never give an excuse of being unfamiliar with the conditions and that is why you should know how to manage children of all ages and how you can help them become their best possible selves. There is no doubt that the job role comes with a-lot-of responsibilities on your shoulder, and completing this assessment can help you fulfill all your duties more swiftly.

Why Is it Necessary to Complete the CHC50113 Assessment?

As you might have got a glimpse of the importance in the previous section, let’s take a deeper dive into why is it necessary to complete the diploma in early childhood education and childcare. You might have understood the basic idea behind this assessment i.e to be able to help out children and develop them into better human beings. The three key role players in the growth of a child other than his parents are teachers and caretakers. if you want to make a career in any of these fields, then you need to be aware of a few things that are covered in this assessment.

Some of the major reasons that make CHC50113 assessment a necessity for students are -

  1. It Equips You With the Required Skill Sets - Dealing with children requires a-lot-of skills that not everyone possesses. Handling every situation that occurs, managing the behavior of rude children without losing your temper, and most important of all, staying patient in stressful times, are the skills that you need to develop if you want to have a career in the field. The CHC50113 assessment helps you evaluate yourself and how you act under such situations.
  1. It Helps You Create a Better Understanding - The industry is not what it looks like from the outside. Though an individual might believe that child care is all about taking care of children and boss them around, it is not the case. When you complete the assessment, you will realize that it requires a lot more clarity to survive in the industry. It helps you create a better understanding of the profession as well as scenarios that you might face while working in the field.
  1. It Enables You to get Acquainted with Children - Let’s face it, not everyone is comfortable around children. Some people get easily annoyed by the constant noises of children Well if you are one such student then this assessment can be really useful for you not only professionally but also from the perspective of personal life. This assessment is all about understanding children and their behavior and how you can get along with them.
  1. It Smoothens Your Way of Interaction - Such assessments are also a great way to groom yourself. When you write CHC50113 diploma of early childhood education and care answers, you get to learn some crucial mannerisms that can help you smoothen your personality and bring politeness to your character.
  1. It Makes You Empathetic Towards Others - The skills of handling children around you are not only limited to children. If you find yourself stuck in any of such circumstances you can apply these concepts. Childcare and early education are all about politeness and empathy towards the students and the CHC05113 assessment helps you achieve just that.

These are the 5 key factors that make the assessment necessary for a student who wants to go into the field. Other than these there are multiple things that you can learn but those depend on the individual.

Now that you are familiar with everything that you should know about the assessment, let’s take a look at what are the tasks that one has to do in order to solve the CHC05113 assessment.

Tasks Covered Under CHC50113 Assessment

This assessment majorly requires a student to evaluate any situation and then handle it responsibly. The assessment has 2 types of task that a student is required to complete -

  1. Written Task - This is the first and foremost task of CHC50113 assessment answers that a student encounters while completing the assessment. This task includes 5 individual case studies that you have to go through, understand and solve by answering a few questions based on them. It holds significant marks in the assignment, and it is advised that the section should be completed diligently. Each case study is based on someone’s interaction with children or interaction between two children, what you have to do is understand the delicacy of the situation and answer the questions to the best of your knowledge.
  1. Project Evaluation - The next task that you have to complete is a project in which you are expected to carry out a complete analysis of a child. You will be required to choose any particular child in a given surrounding. Then you are required to observe them and create a complete observation report. This project lets the assessor know how well have you understood the behavior as-well-as the body language of children and what did you infer correctly. You are not only required to assess a child, but you also have to provide a care plan to help them recover if you see anything wrong.

You are required to excel in both of these tasks in order to pass the CHC05113 assessment diploma of early childhood education and care answers. When you will complete these tasks you will be judged based on three criteria -

  • The Aptness of Your Answers For the Case Studies.
  • The Quality of Your Judgments on the Basis of Evidence
  • The Outcomes of Your Project Care Plan & its effects

Keep in mind that all the factors such as - authenticity of the evidence, validity of arguments, and sufficiency of your care plan come into play while judging your performance in the assessment so make sure that all the choices that you make and answers that you give must have a firm reason behind it.

How to Write CHC50113 Assessment Answers?

Now coming to the most important and highly requested question by the students, “How to write CHC50113 assessment answers?” students usually ask this question because they do not have enough information and awareness about the subject. By now you have read everything that you should know about the assignment and half of you might have already got your answer. However, there are certain things that you should know if you want to write a diploma in early childhood education and care answers. The first thing that you must know is what you are supposed to do in the assessment, what should you focus on? Well here are a few factors that you should keep in mind while writing assessment answers-

  1. Your Work Should Depict a Sense Of Inclusion
  2. Your Answers Should Respect the Diversity
  3. You have to create a Plan that Supports the Children
  4. You must identify the children who have learning barriers
  5. Your Priority should be to take Care of Children’s Needs

These 5 things should be of the main focus in your assessment. CHC50113 assessment answers can be written in 7 simple steps provided you have understood all the necessary points regarding the assessment. Without further ado, let's take a look at how you can write CHC50113 answers in 7simple steps -

Step 1 - Understand the Problems

As per the contents of the assessment, you are going to solve the written task first. As mentioned earlier, the task involves 5 case studies that you have to solve answer according to your capabilities. Try to breakdown the questions into parts and frame your answers keeping the above-mentioned points in mind. Understanding the problem will help you in creating a well-structured answer that helps the reader understand your perspective.

Step 2 - Write Your Answers

Once you have understood the problem thoroughly it is time to finally complete the first task of the assessment. Frame your answers in rough and then carefully write them down. These answers must be written in simple language that can be easily understood by the reader. Using extensive vocabulary might not go in your favor in CHC50113 assessment answers as the diploma deals with child care and you need to put forward your opinion in the simplest way possible.

Step 3 - Decide On Your Subject

The next thing that you need to complete is the project part. Choose your subject for the project wisely. There might be a lot of children around you. You need to pick any one of them to actually indulge in the project. There is nothing specific in your subject that you should look for but it is better to work on someone who is active and energetic. Once you have decided on the subject all you have to do is observe.

Step 4 - Observe Closely

Now, this is the task that will test your skills both mentally and physically. You will be required to act actively around all the children as well as keep track of all the activities in which your subject is involved. You can simply join hands with other faculties to provide you with some insights but in the end, you are the one who must notice all the changes.

Your observation table must have the following fields -

  1. Learning Outcome #1 - Identification of Traits
  2. Learning Outcome #2 - Judgement of Connect & Contribution
  3. Learning Outcome #3 - Evaluation of Well-being
  4. Learning Outcome #4 - Involvement & Confidence of Child
  5. Learning Outcome #5 - Way of Communication & Interaction

With all of these fields, you will be able to complete an overall examination of the child so that you can create the best possible plan.

Step 5 - Prepare & Implement an Effective Care Plan

Once you have got all the observations in your hand, try to find out the best practices that can help you in altering those observations and bring improvement in the condition of the child. Mostly you are expected to create a 3 phase plan that ranges from morning to evening. You have to implement each step according to its requirement and that too without failing. For the best results, you should always have some tried and tested moves in your plan that you have previously worked with or studied about. In the implementation part, you are expected to explain how you -

  1. Taught the child about the standard and normal behavioral traits.
  2. Got acquainted with a child and developed a positive relation.
  3. Minimized the problem of inappropriate behavior in the students.
  4. Kept track whether the child’s behavior was calm, composed, and consistent.
  5. Maintained a healthy relationship with colleagues and the child’s parents.
  6. Took colleagues on-board to help you with your plan.
  7. Kept the plan intact and reinforced it.

All of these must be explained by you in order to provide complete insights into your work plan.

Step 6 - Reflect on Your Care Plan

Once you have implemented the plan and explained your implementation, it is now time to reflect on your work. What reflect means is that you need to give an account about your care plan and how did it work, was it really effective, what went well, and what were the areas that didn’t go as planned. All in all, you are required to provide a complete analysis of your care plan and contrast between what you wanted to do and what actually happened.

Step 7 - Submit Evidence

This is the final step of your assessment, you are required to submit evidence that can support your implementation and reflection. These should include -

  • Minutes from meetings, discussion notes, surveys, questionnaires, other staff observations from all the consultations.
  • Child’s Behavioral report that describes the initial behavior of the child
  • Guidance plan prepared by you to overcome the drawbacks in behavior
  • Evidence of adherence to the code of conduct and everything was done with the help of authorities and in charge.
  • Reports and reviews of the implementation as well as reflections.

All this evidence will go in your final submission and you will be judged by them. That is all that you need to know about the diploma of early childhood education and childcare. If you can complete all of these steps diligently you can easily pass the assessment with flying colors.

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