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CHCCOM003 Develop Workplace Communication Strategies Assessment Answers

Achieving success in professional life requires you to focus on several things in the workplace. One of the important things is communication. In every workplace, communication has become a vital factor for the smooth growth of the company and its employees. Many people and students in Australia have to improve their performances in their workplaces if they are doing jobs. To improve performance, some students and people take a course. CHCCOM003 is one of the units in the develop workplace communication strategies course. If you are also pursuing this unit, you will have to write CHCCOM003 assessment answers.

It is because based on these answers, your performance is judged by assessors. How well you can communicate in your workplace with colleagues, convey information effectively, and coordinate with the team can be judged through your assessment answers. If you are a novice to unit CHCCOM003, you must read about it in detail below.

CHCCOM003- A Detailed Overview About the Unit!

This unit describes the skills and knowledge needed to improve communication in the workplace. It helps the company and its employees to grow and implement new plans.

Often a company and an individual faces issues to establish communication protocol. But due to improper communication, they fail in the same. The communication gap leads to loss and hinders the development of employees and the company. That is why develop workplace communication strategies come into the picture.

Most Australian and New Zealand students pursue this course, to improve communication skills in the workplace. But they have to write several assignments during assessments to complete the course. In this type of assessment, the students have to answer various questions.

Most of the questions are situation-based and from case studies, thus students face issues while writing their answers. That is why Instant Assignment Help Australia receives various queries from students regarding writing the assessment answers. We are sharing some of the sample questions from the case studies that we receive from students. By reading them, you can know which type of questions are asked in assessments and you can practice them to perform better. Read them below.

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Vital Case Study Questions to Practice Writing CHCCOM003 Assessment Answers!

Question 1. Identify three communication strategies used in the case study. Explain why each of these communication strategies is not suited to the context in which it is applied.

Question 2. Explain why it is important to identify and follow processes when adapting communication strategies to suit new or changing contexts.


Question 1. Under what circumstances is it acceptable to disclose private or confidential information?

Question 2. What processes can you use to ensure Sandy’s information remains private and confidential? Give two examples

Question 3. Identify two examples of discrimination in this situation. For each example, what legal or ethical issues would you consider when communicating to ensure discrimination does not occur?

Question 4. Identify two duties of care issues in this situation and explain how you would use communication to ensure the duty of care is upheld.

These are some questions from two case studies. They will help you to write CHCCOM003 develop workplace communication strategies assessment answers.

But to write properly, you must have some skills, which will help you in conveying correct and relevant information impeccably in the answers because they are foundation skills. You must be thinking what are they? Let's know them below!

11 Foundation Skills to Write Proper CHCCOM003 Assessment Answers!

Initiative & Enterprise: If you are ready to undertake the difficult task, you will not panic as you see the situational-based questions in the CHCCOM003 assessment. Be active and develop a positive attitude towards dealing with complex conditional questions.

Learning: It is a vital foundation skill. It is because without it you can’t write informative CHCCOM003 assessment answers. Read books, journals, articles, and especially the examples of assessments. Read the business and corporate-related news and articles. This is how you can gain more information.

Numeracy: You must be thinking, what is the role of this skill here? Often, your assessor gives you questions in which you have to use basic numeracy. You have to demonstrate this skill according to the demand of the question.

Oral Communication: If you are good at oral communication, you can write good answers. And not only this, if you don’t know the answer, you can at least convey some information. In professional life, oral communication plays a crucial role so many questions in your assignments are associated with it.

Planning & Organizing: To write perfect CHCCOM003 assessment answers, you have to plan. Without planning, you can fail to write proper information. The organization of the research sources also plays a vital role because it indirectly reflects in your answers.

Problem Solving: In the workplace, you have to solve several problems. The company gives preference to the person who has problem-solving skills. You can build this skill to write the answers to situation-based questions.

Reading: As you know, the more you read, the more you can write, so you must take reading seriously. Without reading, you can’t find new ideas to present in your CHCCOM003 assignment answers.

Self-Management: Different people have various issues. If they fail to deal with them, they can fail to perform better at the workplace. To get rid of this problem, they need to work on self-management. You should also work on improving this skill, as it helps in writing impressive CHCCOM003 develop workplace communication strategies assessment answers.

Teamwork: Like in the workplace, you have to work with a team, so you may also need people to help you writing impeccable answers. These people can be your friends, professors, family members, or professional writer. Understand the importance of teamwork and develop this skill to perform better at answer writing and workplace as well.

Technology: Technology has become the need of the hour. If you avoid using it, you can lag behind. There are several online tools that can help you to improve your writing skills. Find the tools and come up with perfect assignment answers.

Writing: It is the last, but not least foundation skill. In fact, this is the most important one. To write impressive answers, you have to practice writing every day. Without practice, you can't improve. Decide on time in which you can practice so that you can maintain a routine.

These are the 11 foundation skills that are vital to write the answers and develop workplace communication strategies. But if you still face issues while writing due to any reason, you can take writing assistance. For this, Instant Assignment Help Australia can assist you. Know about us below.

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