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Writing Guide of CHCPRT001 Answers for Students

In CHCPRT001 Assessment, students study the ‘identify and respond to children and young people at risk’ as per the requirement. Let’s elaborate a little about all the facts and questions that you may require to answer.

Introduction to CHCPRT001 Assessment Answers 

This article describes all about the assessment writing sections and the required skills and knowledge for students. It helps nursing students learn how to support and protect children & young people who are at risk of harm. It includes all the details of legislative and policy essences with a duty of care efficiency.

This unit refers to students studying the job roles in the field of services provided to children and young people. It includes the community services and health circumstances in this study.

You should attain a vast knowledge about this assessment before you start working. So, let's move forward with the two parts of CHCPRT001.  

  • 2 Parts Required To Complete CHCPRT001 Assessment

The CHCPRT001 assessment consists of two parts, the one is short answers questions, and the second is the conclusion of three case studies analysis. 

The question above requires writing an answer in at least 100 words. Our expert writers provide solutions according to child protection legislation and many other Australian frameworks. We also use several organizational policies & procedures to give credibility to the answers. 

Define the “ Child Abuse” term in your own words.  

Why is it necessary to write solicitudes in an accurate, objective, timely, and non-judgmental manner about a situation of child abuse or neglect?

How would you step to take any action on the doubt of child abuse if there is no disclosure?

What are the methods to decide whether a child is beholding domestic violence at home?

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The second part includes various case study analysis, which requires answering the crucial situation faced to identify and respond to children and young people at risk. To solve & provide exceptional answers, we include the framework that governs the protection policies and procedures. You will get some help with questions related to the below type of case study questions:

The case study provided above is written in at least 200 words for which you need to answer. Our expert writers give solutions according to child protection legislation and many other Australian frameworks. We also use several organizational policies & procedures to convey credibility to the answers.

What kind of abuse or neglect children might be suffering from?

How could you work with Tamara’s family to settle the problems relating to her hygiene, health, and diet?

Who would you discuss your concerns within your service?

You will require a lot of skills and quality to write CHCPRT001 answers. Some of them are listed below. 

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What Are the Required Elements and Performance Criteria?

Students wi ll require a specific element to perform well in various situations or criteria. Here are some of them which will help you enhance the necessary skills.


Elements - It is the primary outcome.

Performance criteria - It is the level of execution needed to show the achievement of the component.

1. Implementation of the work practices that promote the protection of children and young people. 

  • You can start by identifying the children and young people at risk of abuse or neglect. You should observe their signs and symptoms and ask them openly and non-leading questions. You have to stay aware of the protective problems by using child security methods where suitable.
  • You have to answer the report, knowledge or symbols, and symptoms. It should be according to the state legislative responsibilities and service policies and procedures. 
  • You have to employ child-focused work habits to strengthen the children's rights and boost them to participate in age-appropriate decision-making. 
  • You have to employ communication and information-gathering techniques with children and young people under current recognized good practice. 
  • Make sure the taken decisions and actions are within their level of efficiency, work capacity, state legislation, and service policies and procedures.

2. Evidence of the possible risk of harm through a report 

  • You should record the relevant distinct and general concerns accurately as they may encompass the risk of harm following state legislation, service policies and procedures, and ethics.
  • You should record and report the risk-of-harm indicators promptly. It should include the conditions circling the risk of harm according to service policies and procedures. 
  • Make sure that the writing in papers is non-judgemental. 
  • You should operate collaboratively with the relevant firms to ensure the maximum effectiveness of the article.

3. Apply moral and nurturing methods in practice with children and young people

  • You should protect the rights of children and young people in terms of services.
  • You should distinguish and seek guidance support for the ethical interest matters in practice with children and young people.
  • You should use noble and nurturing practices to adopt professional barriers when working with children and young people.
  • You should understand and describe symbols for potential moral affairs when working with children and young people.

Every student requires to build these elements and criteria of performance in their assessment writing. If you are stuck with the writing part and need to get better grades, come to us and get your desired scores in the final result.

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