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Know why coding seems difficult to students

Do you feel coding is hard? If you’ve just now given a nod of affirmation, then this blog is surely for you. It is seen that many scholars show interest in coding at first, but soon they give up saying that coding is not their cup of tea. The reason behind this is that they expect that they can become a pro just by learning some tutorials and eventually after completing 2-3 of them, they realize that they are not getting anywhere! This is when they give up. In reality, coding is not as difficult as it is believed by the masses. And, you might be feeling the same because:

You’ve started with an expert level language

If you start with programming and choose a ‘beginner’ course, then it won’t be tough. Yeah, it will still seem like a foreign language at first, but with continuous practice in the right direction you’ll understand the concepts and syntax properly. On the flip side, choosing expert level language can give you nightmares!

You’ve chosen a wrong tutor

Most of the time, the students opt for short-term courses to learn programming languages. If lucky enough, they find an excellent teacher, but sometimes they end up with the worst. So, it is recommended not to choose any tutor without researching. There is a lot to learn, and you definitely do not want to waste your time and money on worthless classes.

You think it is a hard nut to crack

This belief is so prevalent among students and they do not even want to look beyond this. Everything seems hard at first, and you need to get going if you want to learn it. It is you who needs to decide whether or not you're going to learn how to code! The experts say that if you make up your mind, then learning even the hardest languages such as Pearl and Ruby will not pose a problem to you.

You lack capability of doing things in a different manner

The scholars who believe that they are not adept coding are actually weak in problem-solving and logical thinking. And it takes time to improve both of these. Once you’ve brushed upon these skills, your brain becomes habitual to the exercising and thinking the other way round or the reverse engineering is not a problem anymore.

You have not seen some amazing projects

If you had a nice tutor, then you might have seen a few amazing projects that were the outcome of coding. This is one of the smart tricks used by the tutors to induce the will to learn coding in beginners. The ones who are good at it are the scholars who were inspired by those projects and are looking forward to making something competitive.

If the points mentioned above seem familiar to you, then take necessary actions and work on your challenges as coding is really fun.

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