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Childhood Classic Games That You Might Miss

Games are an essential part of a student’s life. Scholars should play games for enjoyment. School life may have seemed tedious and boring to us that time, but now we feel it was the best time of our life. When we enter college, we miss the time we spent playing games at school. Assignment Help Australia, have come up with a few such games that students terribly miss during their college life.

Hide and Seek

This is an exceptionally common game among school kids. Everybody plays it whether in school or at home with parents and friends. It is best played with more than two people. One player is selected who closes his/her eyes and counts to a certain number without looking, while the others rush to hide themselves. The point is to find all the hidden people. There is numerous variation to this game.

Rope Jump and Double Dutch

Rope jump is mostly played among girls, and it needs skill and speed. Two people hold a long rope and swing it while the other jumps over it and compete with each other. In double dutch, two ropes are used to swing in a certain way. It is more entertaining when more than two people join the jump.

Red Light, Green Light

This game can be played outdoor as well as indoor. One player is made to be a traffic light on one end, and the other players stand on the opposite corner. The person imitating the traffic light faces the group and says “Red Light”. Everyone has to freeze at the command. The traffic light turns his/her back and says “Green Light”. The player tries to get as close as possible to the traffic light. The person who reaches first to the traffic light wins and gets to be the next traffic light.


This game is still an ideal choice among students. It requires more than two people to play this game. It has a pretty simple rule that is to hit the marbles. Draw a circle, and then try to knock others marbles out of the circle.


In this game, all the players sit in a circle. A chosen person thinks up a phrase or sentence and whispers it to the next player. That player murmurs what he heard to the next person, and the chain continues around the circle. The last player hears it and speaks out loud.

These are a few of the common games that many students used to play in school. Playing games give positive experience to scholars which helps them in strengthening their body and brain. Today, these are not played anymore as students find them either awkward or funny.

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