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Practical Solutions to Common College Life Problems

College days are considered as one of the most exciting and rewarding times in an individual’s life that opens the door to pursue knowledge and prepare for a career. While most people think that college life is full of great moments and happy experiences, the fact is far away from this as modern students also have to face many challenges. These issues might differ from one student to another, but there are a few problems that every scholar has to deal with at least once. If you are set to join a college, or already enrolled in it, then read on here to know how to deal with the untoward situations that may come your way:

1. Lack of time

Lack of time

College students lead a hectic life as their routine remain crammed with academic works. They work hard throughout the year, but yet, due to poor time management skills it becomes tough to focus on all the tasks at hand, and they wonder where all the time flies. Scholars who do not manage their time properly, frequently miss their lectures, procrastinate their assignment writing tasks to the day before the deadline, and rush through the revisions during exams. The main reason behind such situation is that students take up to 20 credits in a semester which is not possible to be covered smoothly.


As a college-goer, you need to understand that everyone gets the same 24 hours in a day. What differentiates a topper from an average student is the way he/she manages the time. First of all, do not cram your semester with too many subjects. Otherwise, it won’t be possible to focus on all of them, and you will end up with poor grades. Another thing is that make a routine and plan your time in such a manner that you could complete all the important tasks without any delay.

2. Restlessness


To afford their college fee, accommodation charges, and extra expenses, most college students need to do a part-time job. But balancing their studies and office becomes extremely difficult. They hardly get 3 to 4 hours of sleep which makes them vulnerable to physical and mental fatigue. In such case, students often feel demotivated and stressed out.


Decide what type of expenses are indispensable and which could be avoided. As a college student, you need not work for an extra 2 hours at the office in order to fund a party. Do a high-paying part-time job that could help you meet your important expenses, but do not overburden yourself by stretching the working hours. Also, be aware of your options when selecting a job and choose the one that fits into your schedule.

3. Homesickness


Whether they admit it or not, most students suffer homesickness especially during the first year of college. The problem is more prominent among International students as it’s really tough to adjust in a completely new environment. But even the natives are not untouched by this issue as they miss their family and friends. Sometimes this feeling aggravates and leads to many physical and mental symptoms, such as crying and sadness, waves of emotion, difficulties in sleeping or eating, trembling, feeling either too hot or too cold, disrupted menstrual cycle, nausea, and headaches.


The feeling can be mitigated by focusing on classes, making friends and involving in campus activities. Many colleges also offer a support group for such students where they can share their feelings and help each other. Apart from this, calling the family and close friends over Skype can give a sense of relief. And, if you’re a native scholar, then visiting your home once in a month can greatly assist in reducing this feeling.

4. Depression


As per a journal published by the Australian College of Health Service Management, 30 percent of students remain depressed. The stress that comes with college life due to academic burden, financial constraint, peer pressure, and failed relationships all contribute to emotional lows. And, hectic schedule, inadequate sleep, improper eating habits, and lack of exercise all can compound the situation. The typical symptoms of depression may include sadness, anxiousness, guiltiness, and helplessness.


If you are facing a similar issue, then seek help from a professional psychologist. Many Australian-based colleges also offer free consultancy services for depressed students. Remember it’s not wise to grapple this issue for a long time as it might affect your health as well as academic performance. So, try to get rid of it as soon as possible.

These were some of the major issues faced by college-goers. In case you are struggling with any other stressful situation, do not keep it inside. Share the problem with your parents, teachers, friends, and if needed consult a professional advisor. If loads of academic writing projects are another reason for stress then seek assistance from the experts working with us. With their subject knowledge, excellent writing skills, and customer-oriented services, our professionals have made us one of the best assignment help service providers in Australia.

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