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What are the Blunders Students Make While Writing?

Students need to write a large number of assignments during their academic session. For that, they have to study and research a lot on the subject. They put all their efforts to include every single relevant piece of information and yet get no success with the grades. Have you ever wondered what might be the reason behind that? The explanation for this is the huge amount of writing mistakes that are quite common among the students. These mistakes are minor but enough to decline the quality of your academic paper.

Writing a long piece of paper requires much concentration. Even after working with the needed focus, mistakes somehow arise in the document.. Some mistakes are so common that even the person with exceptional writing skills ends up making them. Letus make you familiar with some of these mistakes so that you can take care of them while drafting your assignments.

Incorrect Grammar

Grammar mistakes are very common that always go unnoticed while writing.These can be the incorrect form of a verb, subject-verb disagreement or the confusion between the words like ‘its’ and ‘it’s’. Also, we forget to maintain the same voice throughout the document. One sentence is framed in past tense while the other talks about the present. These are some common grammatical errors, and there are many others like these.

Spelling Mistakes

Students tend to make the spelling mistake while using homophones such as right, rite, and write; or than and then. This needs a high level of concentration as such mistakes slip out from your mind easily. The spelling mistakes can also arise in the form of typos. This can be eliminated by proofreading your document.

Punctuation Errors

Punctuation errors are frequently made in the documents. These type of errors are such that most of the people make without even knowing that it is a mistake. For example, incorrect placement of the comma, semicolon, exclamation mark, etc., are some of them. Capitalization of important words which we often forget also comes under the punctuation errors.

Incorrect Sentence Framing

This one comes among the most frequent mistakes. We often include a lot of information in one sentence instead of breaking it into two or more sentences. This makes it hard to connect the whole sentence and deduce the sense out of it.

Unbalanced Writing Tone  

The correct tone of writing is very important as it decides the impact of your paper on the teacher. The tone of academic writings should never be informal. Remember, you are not going to submit your work to a friend. Avoid using slang language as it is considered unprofessional. Also, do not use jargons. The reason behind is that using too much technical language without much explanation can be unfavourable.

Including Too Much Information

Including information is necessary for your document but too much of anything does no good ever. Cover only those things that are relevant to your topic. If something is related to the topic but not required much, then don’t write it. Avoid unnecessarily extending your assignment writings Australia

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