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Warning! Here are the destructive computer viruses of all time

In today’s world, everybody uses technology from children and teenagers to adults. And one such technology is computers. In the recent years, this electronic device has become an essential part of our life. However, the computers face constant hazard from viruses that can turned out to be a nightmare for the users. Getting virus on a computer or a laptop happens to every user at one point or another. It is a malicious software program loaded onto a user’s PC without his/her knowledge to perform destructive actions.

Some viruses are mild in nature and can be removed with a cleanup and by installing an antivirus program. But some are so dangerous that they can’t be removed using an antivirus. It transmits through the Internet and infects PCs via corrupt web links and emails. Here are five such notorious viruses that have the ability to cripple a computer system.


ILOVEYOU- a virus with a sweet name but causes nasty effects on its users. It has disrupted the computer systems all across the world. The governments and large organisations have to shut their mailing applications to protect systems from getting infected. It was estimated that 10% of the world’s Internet-connected computers had been affected by this virus.


David L. Smith created a virus in 1999 and named it ‘Melissa’ after an exotic dancer from Florida . The virus tempts users into opening a document with an email like “Here is that document you asked for, do not show it to anyone else.” Once activated, it will replicate itself and send itself to the top 50 people from the recipient’s address book. It wreaked havoc on government and private sector network and was one of the first viruses that got public attention.


MyDoom was spread all over the web through emails with random addresses and subject lines. It is said to be the most destructive virus ever occurred. The damage was estimated over 38 billion dollars and infected over two million PCs. It copies itself to any P2P program folder to propagate via that network.


The Sasser attacked computers via a Microsoft Windows vulnerability. Unlike other viruses, it didn’t spread through emails. The virus was created by the German student Sven Jaschan. It would scan random IP addresses to find victims. The overall damage was estimated at 18 million dollars and affected more than a million computers.

Code Red

Code Red was released in the year 2001 and took advantage of a flaw in Microsoft Internet Information Server. The total estimated loss was around 2.5 billion dollars, and 2 million servers were affected. It initiated a denial of service attack against the White House web servers.

We hope that after reading this blog, you might have become familiar with a few computer viruses of all time. These viruses have caused lots of damage in the last few decades. The loss of money was billions of dollars due to these maleficent viruses. There are numerous good quality antivirus applications you can use to protect your computers. And if you want to get some more information, then connect with our IT experts who have the knowledge of all the computer-related problems and their feasible solutions.

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