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Give Your Creativity a Boost with These Video Games

Life is indeed like a video game wherein you’re fighting with your enemies on your journey with all you have and heading the right way. If you love to play video games just for fun and entertainment, then we have good news to share with you. Despite pleasure, a video game does a lot for you as you can improve your creative side by playing some of them. Want to know which video games are helpful to give a boost to your creativity? Well, read this blog to the end!


Even if you have not played this game yet, you must have heard about it at least. Minecraft lets you build your own world. You will be required to craft your tools, gather materials, mine some coal, build a structure, find food, and what not. You might find playing this game a tad tricky the very first time. But, to help you out there are several tutorials available on YouTube which you can certainly use as a guide to get it started.


Your trial-and-error creativity will get enhanced if you decide to play this game. The graphics will remind you of ‘Super Mario’ which was way popular of its own time. Terraria is a 2D action-adventure sandbox video game developed by Re-Logic in which a player is required to use resources to craft new items. Encountering and combating various enemies, demons, zombies will give you an feel the adventure you must’ve been hankering for a long time.

Big Brain Academy

This is such a platform which consists of various games that will help you to improve your mental skills. You will find innumerable exercises for each set of skills such as Think, Analyse, Compute, Memorise and Identify to keep your mind fresh and active on a daily basis.


In this game, a player has to use ‘portals’ to complete puzzles and move on to the next level. If it sounds simple to you, then let us burst the bubble right away. It is not like any other puzzle game which you can play when your boss is not around. Remember Cubes are your friends and Turrets are your enemies and take the next move by using your creativity and prompt thinking abilities.

The Sims

If in reality, you’re a control freak then use your controlling nature in this game which gives you a complete leeway to direct people’s behaviour and actions. Here, you will make every decision for Sim, from choosing a career, creating a mansion for him, to selecting a life partner. By taking so many decisions, you will surely brainstorm and use your mind tactfully.

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