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Most Mysterious Places Around the World

Today we are living in a scientifically advanced world. And, we have a scientific or logical explanation for every phenomenon happening around us. But still, some mysteries cannot be explained rationally. In this blog, we have discussed some bizarre destinations spread around the globe. These places can be intriguing, fascinating, frightening, or thrilling to those who visit them. Some people relate these places to supernatural powers, and others to ghosts and witchcraft. Take a look at some of the most mysterious places around the world:

The Spirit of Gay Street

Situated in New York City’s Greenwich Village, this is one of the best spots for paranormal investigations, in the UK. One 12-story house on this street is said to be haunted. So far many people have witnessed mysterious shadowy figures lurking around the house. The locals sometimes hear noises like children playing and smell aromas of food from the otherwise abandoned house. The house is said to be built in 1827 and was a partying location for socialites of the time.

The Curse of Pyramid Lake

This is one of the most beautiful and serene landscapes you would have ever seen. But the location does not attract tourists and remain idle throughout the year because of the mysterious stories associated with it. It is said that many people who visited the place heard crying babies and laughing children as if these sound were emanating from the lake itself. And, so far many swimmers and divers have drowned in the lake in mysterious circumstances.

The Albinos of Hicks Road

This particular location of San Jose, California came into popularity in November 1777 when newspapers reported of mysterious incidences. So far more than hundred people have witnessed strange albino figures on the Hicks Road. As per some legends, these pale-skinned human beings are local inhabitants of the thick forests who sometimes venture down in search of food. Many people have reported that they had been chased by a battered pickup truck. Well, we do not know what’s the truth behind these incidences, but no one dares to drive on this mysterious route.

Walking Skeleton of Deer Island

Deer Island is situated in the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of Biloxi, Mississippi. There are a plethora of tales about the place that make it one of the most haunted locations around the world. The local fishermen have reported seeing a headless skeleton roaming around the shores. As per legends, it is the spirit of an unfortunate pirate who was decapitated by his fellow crew.

Paranormal Encounters at Antioch

Antioch, California is said to be the most active paranormal area in the United States. Moving down the street, you can encounter the spirit of Sarah Norton, a resident of 1800s who was killed in a road accident. Moreover, two shadowy creatures can be found lurking around the Black Diamond Mines. Many people have also seen the spirit of a white witch who was given capital punishment by the king. Apart from this, some residents have also witnessed a flying woman near the marina.

Well, we do not know what’s the truth behind these mysterious places. Hope one day some of you may dare to find the scientific explanations for these incidences. If you liked this blog, share it with your friends and family. And, for more such creepy mysteries, explore the literary works about them.

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