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A few facts about darker side of History’s favorite people

We look at the famous people with the highest respect even without knowing them to the fullest. Unfortunately, not everyone deserves ultimate respect because each human has a darker side and is guilty of making some bad choices. Read this blog and get enlightened of the evil and malevolent aspect of some of the most loved personalities.

Let’s get started!

Mother Teresa

Known for combating several health issues and poverty, Mother Teresa was always seen as a kind Roman Catholic sister. But what remains hidden from country folks is the fact that she had enough money to build one of the biggest research centers or hospitals in the world, and she never bothered to construct one. She kept the patients in poor conditions claiming it to be the God’s will.

Nelson Mandela

A renowned South African politician was loved by all because of his broad vision. But as the saying goes, “Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future,” Mandela was the head of a terrorist group in South Africa earlier. Also, at his trial, he was found guilty of several acts of public violence.

Albert Einstein

You must be aware of who he was and have read about some of his work earlier as well. But you might not know that his wife Mileva Maric too was a brilliant physicist. Einstein is said to have stolen a few of her ideas and illustrated them as his own.


This fine artist of Italy presented appreciable work during Renaissance. But his short temper stained his career. Although his work garners appreciation till date, he was found guilty of brutally murdering a person for a prostitute.

Henry Kissinger

A famous American diplomat who has received a Noble prize for his work had been accused of war crimes, acted against humanity, and was also convicted of kidnapping and murder.


Often regarded as the wisest thinker of his time, he too embraced his darker side with pride. He did not regard women with respect and also wrote a few offensive lines about them.

Charles Dickens

He was one of the most influential writers but never regarded his wife with respect. He even accused her publicaly and refrained her from meeting their children. Also, he had an extra martial affair with a young pretty English actress named Ellen Lawless Ternan.

Hope you are now well aware of the darker side of these famous personalities.

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