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Astonishing and unknown facts about gravity that you didn't know

Our relationship with gravity dates back to the school days when it was the first significant thing we learned in our science class. However, in school, we used to believe everything that was taught to us, which, as ethics dictate, was the right thing to do at that time. But it was only a matter of time until the ever-rising curiousness inside us introduced us to the concept of questioning and skepticism.

Coming back to the gravity now. As you all know that it is a natural phenomenon discovered by one of the greatest scientific minds to have ever lived, Sir Isaac Newton. But did you know that the first time Newton proposed his idea of gravity, no one believed him, just because he sounded implausible. It was only a few years later that he proved his hypothesis and introduced the world to what can be easily considered the greatest discovery of all time. But over the years, there has been a lot of debate about this particular concept such as whether Newton was right, why gravity appeared so late to human beings, and many more.

As intriguing as these questions may sound but the truth is, there is still no valid proof of gravity. Surprised right? Now that you have experienced the build-up, let’s dig into some amazing facts about gravity listed by our assignment help experts that will blow your mind away. Take a look:

Gravity is still a theory, not a proven law

If you ever search about gravity on the web, then you’ll come across plenty of scientific articles and journals that describe gravity as a theory, not a law. These science platforms belong to renowned and globally acclaimed societies of Physics, so there is no point in questioning their explanation. It is a misconception that gravity is a proven hypothesis that is governed by a set of laws, derived from a series of intense experimentation and data collection.

It’s all in the head

Gravity may be present pretty much uniformly on earth but in our heads, it isn’t. As per research published in the year 2011, people who are sitting erect comprehend the objects falling or tumbling better than the people lying on their side or upside down. This research shows that may be our basis of visual cues to prove that gravity exists is wrong, it could be very much dependent on the orientation of our body.

Gravity or Graviton

We have always read that gravity is a force that exists between two objects that have mass, but it may be a bit more than that. Recent research in the field of dark matter has revealed that we may be perceiving gravity completely wrong this whole time. It has shown signs that gravity might actually be consisting of microparticles called gravitons. However, nothing has been proven as yet but scientists have exhibited a great deal of revelations through their experiments regarding gravitational waves and its composition.

Time Travel

Well, some say it’s nonsense, some say it’s possible, and some even claim to have done it. There are all sorts of protestations when it comes to the mystery of time travel, an unanswered question that even the greatest minds like Einstein couldn’t explain. The truth is, it’s a strong possibility. Studies have shown that gravity has this surprising ability to bend time, and a fitting proof to this speculation is the very insignificant impact of time on the astronauts even when they spend years in space. This shows that things move faster in space as compared to the ones on earth. So to add to your surprise, yes, gravity controls time and it is possible for a man to travel through time. Black holes are also one of the prime examples that explain how gravity can influence the space-time continuum.

Gravity and health

How would you feel if we say that gravity is the prime reason behind your good health? Shocked right? But this is absolutely true. A research paper that came out in the year 2007 showed that a majority of diseases causing microorganisms like bacteria and parasites are inactive under the influence of gravity. It simply means that a pool of deadly diseases and epidemics haven’t spread only because humans were graced by the gift of gravity. Otherwise, who knows, the influenza virus that appeared to be giving you mild headaches and nausea could have killed you. Thank God for gravity!

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog. Stay tuned as there are plenty more.

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