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Know How to Get Your Desired Apprenticeship Programme

Many students want to get enrolled in an apprenticeship course after completing their bachelor’s degree. This gives them a chance to gain the practical skills and knowledge that are needed to succeed in their chosen career. Another benefit is that one can earn while learning. There are no students loan, tuition fee, or debt involved in it, and you can even a get a handsome stipend. What else, you can also achieve higher degree qualifications through this, such as HNCs, HNDs, foundation or honours degrees. In this blog, our experts have given some useful tips that will help you land the interview for your dream apprenticeship programme:

1: Do your research

You may have already planned what training programme you would like to choose. But you might not be aware of other facets of it, such as the skills required, availability of learning programmes. So, find out all the relevant data on the Internet. Also, gather information regarding companies that are offering traineeship in the chosen field and whether their work culture fits with the environment you would enjoy working in. Pondering over these questions can help you decide which organization you should apply for.

2: Develop your skills

Along with the basic knowledge of the field, every employer looks for certain qualities in the candidate they are hiring. This may include analytical aptitude, problem-solving capabilities, ability to learn things fast, punctuality, attention to details, and willingness to work in a team. You should focus on developing these prowess by making small efforts. For instance, if you want to improve your communication skills, then reading a newspaper, listening to audio classes, and participating in the discussion will be helpful. If you are still in college, you may ask your teacher to provide relevant opportunities for developing your skills, whether that's with volunteering, or extra-curricular activities.

3: Make an effective CV

A well-written CV increases your chances of getting an interview call. So, it’s significant to spend your time on its content and presentation. Make sure that you put yourself forward in the best way and mention the motivation behind choosing the company. Also, remember that your resume doesn’t have to be same for every organization you are applying for. Rather change the content, especially the sequence of skills to reflect you are the suitable candidate for the position.

4: Prepare for your interview

Facing an interview is challenging at any stage, but by doing enough preparations, you can impress your potential employer to close the deal. You can find common questions that are often asked in such meetings by searching online and thinking up the proper answers for them. Also, knowing the company’s background, present status, and work ethos can help you stand out from other interviewees. Apart from this, do not let your clothing and body language create a bad impression. So, think about the type of company you are interviewing with and dress accordingly. For example, if you're applying for a role in business, formal wear is appropriate. However, if you're opting for a construction apprenticeship, then a smart/casual outfit will be more acceptable.

5: Get post-interview feedback

If you are unsuccessful in clearing an interview, you should contact the employer and ask politely to give feedback on your performance. This will help you know where you are lagging behind. This will ultimately help you develop a better strategy for the next meeting. Well, many companies in Australia follow a 'no feedback' policy. In that case, instead of getting disheartened with your rejection letter, you should analyze what went wrong in the session. If you are unable to do this, you may explain the entire scene to a friend or a family member who may help you find the mistakes.

Last but not least, we suggest you manage your online presence appropriately. These days, an employer may know many aspects of your personality before even having a face-to-face conversation by checking your social media profiles. So, try to avoid posts, messages, and photos that may misrepresent you. Even your email address can be an easy fix. So, make sure it's something that reflects you, like your name, and is something that isn't childish or obscene.

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