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All You Need to Know About Easter Celebration in Australia

This year, Easter is falling on Sunday, 1 April. As per the Bible, the day marks the resurrection of Jesus. It is said that Jesus was arrested by the Roman authorities because he claimed to be the “son of God.” He was sentenced to capital punishment by Pontius Pilate, the prefect (a local governor) of Judea (Rome) from 26 to 36 A.D. Jesus’ death by crucifixion is marked by the Christian holiday Good Friday. Bible says that when he died, he was laid in a tomb. On the following Sunday, a group of women visited the place and found it empty. On the same day, one of those women, Mary Magdalene, got a message from an angel that Jesus had risen. Christians from all over the world celebrate this event as Easter Sunday.

Despite its significance as a Christian holy day, many traditions and symbols of Easter observances actually have roots in paganism. It is often associated with the Jewish holiday of Passover which is celebrated as the commemoration of their liberation by God from slavery in ancient Egypt.

How Is Easter Celebrated in Australia?

Christians celebrate this day by attending churches, socializing, and feasting on mouth-watering food. For Australians, the four-day Easter weekend also gives a chance to enjoy a range of cultural activities, such as the Blessing of the Fleet Festival in Ulladulla, the Sydney Royal Easter Show in Sydney, the National Folk Festival in Canberra, and the Australian Gospel Music Festival in Toowoomba. The Easter weekend is also a great time for sports tournaments, and many people spend the day watching these live events. Noteworthy sports events include, major league football matches, the Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race, the Stawell Easter Gift, and the Tasmania Three Peaks Race.

On this day, many communities organize Easter egg hunts in parks or gardens. These events are basically aimed at young children. Eggs are believed to be a symbol of fertility and birth. Traditionally, Easter eggs were delivered by the Easter rabbit or bunny. But as rabbits come under the category of pests( since, they harm the harvest) in Australia, there has been a movement to suggest that Easter eggs are hidden by the Bilby, a small, shy mammal with big ears.

Three Tips to Celebrate Easter in College

Colleges all across Australia remain closed for four days during the Easter week which gives an ideal opportunity to enjoy a holiday. It's the middle of autumn, so the weather is good for camping, hiking, waterskiing, fishing, cycling and four-wheel driving. But if your budget does not allow you to spend on all such activities, try these fun ways to celebrate the day while in college.

Organize games

Try the traditional game of Easter egg hunt in your college dorm or a nearby park. You may use real, boiled eggs or plastic eggs for the purpose. However, if the idea seems childish to you, then try other fun games, such as Easter egg decorating station, Easter egg lawn bowling, Easter egg rolling race, Egg-y relay races, etc.

Go out to eat

What’s the better way to celebrate Easter than by indulging in a delicious meal? Go to a restaurant with your friends or try some street foods together. Rainbow sprinkles donut pie, caramel apple cinnamon roll party ring, mochatinis and mini donuts, sangria slushies, cheese brunch ring, inside out crepe omelets are some of the best items to include in your meal.

Have a picnic

Now, as it’s autumn season in Australia, it’s a great opportunity to spend some quality time outside. It’s also the best time to dine al fresco as there are fewer bugs, less risk of sunburn, and heat stroke. No picnic is complete without some fun games. So, once you’ve finished your delicious outdoor meal, pull out the frisbee, fly a kite, or kick around a soccer ball.

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