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A Comprehensive list of Grammar Rules That Every Student Must Know!

For being successful in any field, it is crucial that you abide by the rules and never forget them. The same is the case in writing. No matter what you do, where you work, or where you study, English grammar has basic rules that you must follow if you indulge in written or verbal communication. The significance is even higher in academics as students must show their competency and fluency in the language to attain the grades that they desire.

In this blog, you will learn about the 10+ rules of English grammar that are not only the foundation of writing but are mandatory for an individual to follow. Keep in mind that abiding by these rules will enhance your writing skills so, if you struggle in your assignments due to lack of writing, this blog will be of great help for you!

Before we start discussing the rules, you must know the importance of implementing them. How do they affect your assignments? Why follow them? Find your answers to these queries in the next section!

Why One Must Follow Grammar Rules While Writing?

Well, it is impossible to write a proper sentence without implementing the rules. Anything that you write without them is wrong and will not be admissible in any assignment. Now suppose you work on your paper, and fit in every information correctly according to you but, if your grammar is not up to the mark, the professor will make corrections in your document. Even though the concept that you have explained is correct, its presentation is not appropriate, and hence you will lose marks.

It is the biggest reason to start following the rules for the students. There are many others as well such as -

  • Better Grammar Means Better Command on the Language
  • Following the Rules Make Your Work Easier to Grade
  • It Improves Your Way of Writing and Creates a Great Impression on the Reader
  • Enhances Communication Skills & Imparts Proper Use of Speech
  • Brings Quality in Your Assignments & Other Official Documents

All in all, you can say following grammar rules can help you get the best scores in your assignment while strengthening your writing and overall communication skills. If you have a perfect command of writing, you also open up several career opinions as writing is one of the most interesting fields to work in. If you aim to become an academic writer or any sort of publisher, you will need these rules by your side.

Now that you have understood the significance of following the rules, let us take a look at them in the next section.

10+ Rules in Grammar to Always Remember!

Grammar rules can become the foundation of how you write and communicate with others. You must be fluent to survive in the competitive world. Specifically in academics, where you must ensure that every word you write is grammatically and factually correct.

Take a look at the following list of rules that one must know and follow -

  1. Always Write In Active Voice
  2. Use Conjunction To Bridge Your Ideas
  3. Commas Help In Bringing a Flow
  4. Use ‘Ed’ To Write Verbs In Past Tense
  5. If You Are Mentioning Unfinished Past Use Present Perfect Tense
  6. Serial Commas Must Be Used In a List
  7. While Mentioning a Habit Or Habitual Action, Use Simple Present Tense
  8. Semicolons Are Also Helpful In Joining Two Sentences
  9. Present Continuous Tense Is Used For Things That Are Going On In Present
  10. Past Perfect Tense Must Be Used For The First Two Actions While Mentioning Multiple Completed Actions.
  11. Use Present Perfect Continuous Is Used To Write Unfinished Actions In Past.

You can remember all of them, write them down, or better bookmark this blog in your favorites to reaffirm that you have written everything correctly. While you might feel implementing all of these rules correctly every time you write is a tough task, the tougher is to identify whether you have used them finely or there are needs for amendment. You must be very careful while proofreading as these errors often go unnoticed.

What to do? Well, you can use a grammar checker to find all the errors and correct them. However, not every tool on the internet is reliable. Then where to find one? Find out in the section below!

Missing on a Comma Can Put Your Grades in Coma! Here’s the Solution

Now that you know how important it is to follow the rules of grammar and how it affects your life, you might need a grammar checker tool to understand what rules are you lacking behind in. A misplaced comma or semicolon can break the entire narrative of your work, and hence it is important to be double sure, and a tool helps you do that. You can find a reliable tool recommended by top professional proofreaders in Australia on our website to correct all the mistakes that you make.

If you are not satisfied with the tool or there are too many errors to correct, you can ask our experts to finish it for you. They are proofreaders who correct the tiniest of the mistakes with precision, making your work grade-worthy. Forget worrying about grammatical errors in your work with Instant Assignment Help Australia’s top-quality tools and assistance!

Hope this blog helps you understand the rules of grammar that you must follow. Good Luck!

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