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Uncommon Words Which Can be Used in English Assignment

“English is proudly barbaric yet deeply civilised, common yet royal, sacred yet profane.” Every sentence composed in this language is different from other. The experts of Instant Assignment Help Australia providing academic writing assistance to the university scholars have conveyed that students ask for assignment help in English not because they lack knowledge; they seek assistance because they are unaware of the words and phrases that can make their English Literature assignment exceptional. It is seen that if college-goers are cognizant of some uncommonly used words, then scoring high grades in English Literature is not that difficult for them.

If you too wish to get enlightened about those words so as to score an A+ grade in English Literature next time, then read this blog to the end.


The word means “sentimental in an exaggerated way.” It is derived from the Middle English word ‘Mawk’ meaning ‘maggot’. The popularity of the word faded with the introduction of modern words in English. The synonyms of this word are sickly, saccharine, mushy, maudlin.

For example- “He hates a mawkish popularity”.


The word refers to ‘extremely self-admiring’ and is derived from the Latin noun ‘narcissus’ meaning a family of flowers from which daffodil belongs. But this is connected with the legend in Ovid’s Metamorphoses named ‘Narcissus’ who fell in love with his own image reflected in water while hunting. The synonyms of this word are egotistical, arrogant, and cocky.

For example “He was such a narcissist.”


The meaning of the word is something coarse or indecent in the language. This word is the descendant of the Latin word ‘ scurrilis’, which means ‘buffoon-like”.


This term is used to refer the purest, most refined or one of a kind. The origin of this word is from two Latin words, ‘quintus’ and ‘essentia’, meaning ‘fifth’ and ‘essence’ respectively. The synonyms of this word are stereotypical, archetypal, classic, consummate.


The word is used to refer not straight, crooked, or awry. It is derived from the old French word ‘eskiuer’ meaning to avoid or shy away from something.


This means quiet, peaceful and undisturbed and usually is accompanied by ‘days.’ The words with similar meaning as halcyon are serene, calm, pleasant, etc.


When a happy and unexpected event occurs, then it is referred to as serendipity. The words like a coincidence, luck, providence have similar meanings and are used in the same context as serendipity.


The word means half-shadow and there are no synonyms for the same. It’s extremely rare and never used in ordinary contexts.

These were some of the uncommon words that you can use in your English Literature assignment. Hope you enjoyed learning these words!

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