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Equations that made significant developments in the field of science

No matter how hard you hate mathematics, you have to agree to the fact that after years of experiments and confirmations, the researchers come up with an equation which explains everything they have explored. This equation not only confronts reality but also alters the baseless theories prevalent till that day. The assignment writing experts have conveyed that there is not even one field which does not rely on any kind of equation. This implies that whichever field you opt for, you’ll have to deal with equations and Mathematics!

The experts working at Instant Assignment Help Australia have come forward to make you enlightened of a few such equations which made remarkable developments in the field of Science and Technology. Take a read through the following points to know about them:


Given by Einstein, this equation is accepted as the one which explains a relationship between time and space. Popped up in 1905, this theory altered almost every phenomenon that existed till then. This states that anything which has mass contains an equal amount of energy.

a2 + b2= c2

Also known as Pythagoras theorem, this equation traces its origin around 570-495 BC. It deals with the length of sides in the right angled triangle and states that the square of Hypotenuse(side of the triangle opposite to right angle) is equivalent to the sum of squares of the other two sides.


Commonly known as Second Law of Thermodynamics, this was given by Rudolf Clausius. It implies that energy always flows from the higher to lower concentration. This led to the development of different IC engines and Cryogenics.

H= -∑ p(x) log p(x)

This is one among those equations which was coined by the Information Theory( a branch of mathematics that deals with the coding of information). This was introduced by Shannon, and the variable ‘x’ here is a random variable. This equation is used to calculate Entropy.

Chaos theory Xt+1= kxt(1-xt)

This equation is also coined by the branch of Mathematics which studies complex system that are altered even by slight changes. The application of this theory can be found out in almost every field of study, be it Physics, Computer Science, Engineering, or any other.

There are lot more equations which contributed significantly and helped the scientists to carrying out other experiments. To know more about the others, you can explore the Internet and form your own list.

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