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List of well-known facts about Mars

Mars is a planet that ranks fourth in our solar system, and is named after the Roman God of War. It is also known as the ‘Red Planet’ and is the second smallest planet after Mercury. The experts have given a few mind-boggling facts about Mars, let’s take a read and know about them:

Sunset on Mars is Blue

Due to the excessive dust present in the environment of the Mars, the higher wavelength colors such as red cannot pass through whereas the blue can quickly do the same. As the sunlight has to travel longer through the atmosphere when the sun is on the horizon, the blue effect is more noticeable at sunset.

Mars has two moons, and neither of them is round

Phobos and Deimos, the moons of the Mars are smaller and are tidally locked. Moreover, Phobos rises in the west and sets in the east twice a day, while Deimos takes twenty-seven days for the same, and it rises in the east and sets in the west. Thus, the moons of the Mars are nothing like the moon we have.

Winter of mars are incredibly cold

The weather on Mars changes from time to time, but on an average it approximately 55 degree Celsius. The temperature on the surface may be quite high, but it fluctuates. When it is low, it snows. But the snow is made up of carbon-di-oxide, and it vaporizes before even touching the ground. Therefore, this place is like cold desert.

Mars has no ozone layer

The Earth has a protective shield known as the ozone layer that protects us from the harmful radiation of the sun. Same is not the case with Mars. It has an ozone layer but it is quite weak, and thus the atmosphere of Mars becomes a zone of all harmful radiations emitted by the sun during sunrise.

Ice caps on this planet change shapes

Just like the earth mars too has ice caps, but the ice on Mars is made up of carbon-di-oxide. Although the dry ice can survive for year long, the ice caps change shapes. The reason behind the same is that during the Spring season, the sun’s rays pass through it which eventually leads to the heating the soil underneath it. This melts the ice, but the low temperature freezes it again. The process continues and thus the shape that ice caps have, keep on changing.

Mars is the only known planet inhabited solely by the robots

Several small missions have been successfully completed by the researchers and scientists, and thus many robots are roaming on the surface of the Mars. To be exact, seven robots!

Mars appears red for a reason

Mars’ surface contains iron-rich minerals. These minerals are rusted, which is then carried into the atmosphere making the planet appear red from far. The red color has been discovered only to be skin deep and is the consequence of the oxidation of iron present on Mars. Moreover, it is found out that the soil on Mars is particularly suitable for growing asparagus.

These were a few amazing facts about our red planet. Do not forget to share this fantastic piece of information with your friends.

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