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Check out these 12 most interesting facts about Microsoft

Microsoft needs no introduction as we already know it as a leading software developer, manufacturer, and license provider. Here's a giveaway fact, they tend to release the pirated copy to their GUIs, including the Windows 10. On which, Bill Gates states, "It's for promotional purposes." Few of their first inventions like Xenix, UNIX, and MS-DOS, came in the late 70s and early 80s. MS-DOS still is an integral part of their Operating System. However, Xenix and Unix were merely interface switching system and had been replaced by MS-DOS. Later, on 20th November 85', Microsoft first released Windows; its GUI. Latest Windows that has entered the market is Windows 10, released in 2013.

1985! Interesting, isn’t it? Given are 12 unknown facts associated with Microsoft which students can read below:

Fact #1

Everyone remembers how Apple sued Microsoft for ripping off their GUI. Little do we know, back at the time, XEROX had already developed GUI before either of Microsoft and Apple. And apparently, that's where Apple and Microsoft, both have ripped off the idea of a GUI.

Fact #2

Microsoft had almost named its search engine Bang, a derivative of Bingo. Later, they changed it to Bing which makes complete sense. Maybe, that was after realizing the fact how people use the name "Bang."

Fact #3

Ever tried to create a folder by the name "CON" on a Windows system? Even if you try, you can’t. There are no explainable reasons for that one.

Fact #4

Apart from the hardware and the interfaces, Microsoft also has a reputation of being one of the most prominent developers of all time. Also, it is the second largest Mac software developer after Apple itself.

Fact #5

First Microsoft Office package was released in 1989. It was released for Apple devices a year earlier than it was released for Windows devices. It had Word 4.0, Excel 2.2, PowerPoint 2.01, and Mail 1.37.

Fact #6

Most of us reckon Microsoft to be Redmond, Washington originated enterprise. It’s not! Despite the fact that they are currently headquartered there, they started up in New Mexico in April 1975 and stayed there till 1986, before finally shifting to Redmond.

Fact #7

Microsoft first released smartphones in 2000 AD. They were called PDA and operated on Windows Operating System. They had proven successful amongst various coders and hackers, and otherwise unsuccessful. Later, they also released Windows OS for Nokia phones and that didn't work out either.

Fact #8

Nowadays, giving code names for ongoing projects is a common phenomenon. However, it’s a lesser-known fact that Microsoft started the trend. For example, Windows 7 was called "Project Vienna". Other code names that they incorporated were "Longhorn," and "Lone Star," etc.

Fact #9

Having 10,000 patents to their name, Microsoft is one of the five largest patent holders in the USA. They tend to claim around 3,000 patents per year.

Fact #10

In the year 1990, Apple Inc. re-elected Steve Jobs as their CEO. Those were dark years for Apple as they almost went bankrupt. When Steve joined Apple again in the 1990s, Bill Gates promised to invest $150 Million in Apple to help it overcome bankruptcy.

Fact #11

Microsoft has a staggering 118,500 employees which doubles the number of people living in the Redmond, Washington.

Fact #12

Not once, but twice has Bill Gates donated his entire wealth to charity. Still managed to reign as the world's richest person for a long, long time.

As much we read about Microsoft and Bill Gates we happen to know how the company has maintained its reputation over the years. However, in 2000 AD, Bill Gates had stepped down from the post of company's CEO and had been spending his money, ever since. Every year, Bill Gates through his ‘Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’ donates charity for various purposes. He still has a net worth of $87.9 Billion, which is a lot of money if we think about it.

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