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Know some unusual facets about the universe in which we live

Have you ever looked up at the sky and realized exactly how tiny  you are in this gigantic universe? Students are so caught up in their lives, completing academic writing, asking for assignment help, scoring grades, etc., that they often forget about the presence of something so beautiful and limitless, i.e., our Universe. The experts of Instant Assignment Help Australia who provide the best assignment writing services in all over Australian cities have come up with some bizarre facts about our universe that you should know about.

So, let’s get started!

Solar system’s biggest mountain is on the Mars

Named as Olympus Mons, this is the tallest mountain on any planet of the Solar system. The mountain is a massive shield to a volcano which is 26 kilometers tall and 600 kilometers in breadth. If compared to the tallest mountain on the Earth that is Mount Everest, Olympus Mons makes three times of the Mount Everest.

There are possibly 500 million planets which are capable of supporting life

Scientists are searching for extraterrestrial life focus on “Goldilocks Planets.” To be exact, a planet is termed as the same if it has the optimal conditions for life to exist such as its distance from the Sun for the desired temperature, water in liquid and gaseous state along with the combination of chemical compounds essential to building complex life forms. In our galaxy alone there are about 500 million potential Goldilocks planets. If considered all the galaxies in the universe, then there could be innumerable other planets capable of supporting life.

There is an Alcoholic space cloud!

Although it is 26,000 light years away, this particular cloud of gas and dust contains over a billion liters of vinyl alcohol. It's not drinkable obviously, but it is a vital organic compound that is critical to the existence of life. The name of this cloud is Sagittarius B, and it is said that this cloud is floating at the center of the Milky way!

Mysterious black holes

A black hole is a region of a spacetime exhibiting a substantial gravitational effect. It is so strong that nothing, not even particles and electromagnetic radiation, can escape from it. Our galaxy has many of these, and many more are yet to be found!

The sun’s rays that reach the surface of your body are approximately 30k years old

You must be well-aware of the fact that sunlight hits the Earth in 8 minutes, but the rays which make you feel warm are reaching you crossing 93 million miles. And, the energy in those rays started their life over 30,000 years ago deep within the core of the sun. It is crucial to note that a high fusion reaction formed them and spent most of the thousands of years making their way to the sun’s surface.

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