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Know Why We Celebrate Halloween | Exciting Facts About the Scary Festival

Everyone says ‘Trick’ or ‘Treat’ on Halloween night, but you know why we turn ourselves into some spooky character to celebrate a festival of fears? Everything happens for a reason and, the origination of Halloween also has an exciting story. This blog will not only share that story but also provide some exciting facts about Halloween and discount on assignments. So, it is recommended that you go through every section and enjoy the content. Read it with full enthusiasm to get entertained by the interesting facts. Let us move ahead with the next sections.

Why We Celebrate Halloween?

Do you know that this festival is around for a thousand years or more? Yes! That's right. It is an ancient religious process that was earlier called Samhain. It used to be a Celtic festival in the medieval period. It was a belief that the dead souls and omens visit their homes on this day. So, the people instead of getting frightened, dressed in a spooky trip to celebrate their visit. It was considered a permanent ritual that shaped into a festival over the years. Now, it is a fun-time fancy dress competition for the kids and a holiday enjoyment for the adults. Popular Halloween characters like goblins, witches, flying ghosts can be witnessed everywhere on the streets. Kids love this festival as they enjoy the door-to-door visit saying trick or treat.

According to the ancient calendar, November 1 gets marked as the day of the spooky visit. It started when the ancient civilizations offered bonfires and celebrated the presence of their dead family members. It is most popular in the United States where the excitement of this festival is on another level. Everyone from kids to adults gets dressed up to scare away the harmful spirits and welcome the good souls to their homes.

5 Intriguing Facts about Halloween You Should Know

Here are the amazing Halloween facts that everyone should know before they celebrate this festival in 2021-

1. That Scary Smile of the Pumpkin

First of all, that pumpkin has a name. So-called the Jack-O lantern originated in the Celtic countries like Ireland and Scotland. During the burial ceremony, the people used to dig the skull to place it on a mound. So, on Halloween, they used to visit those mounds and light a candle inside the skull to honor the dead. It sounds scary, right? Yes, that is scary! So the jack-o-lanterns can be called a replacement for those skulls. Some used them to welcome the dead in their homes. One major piece of information is that the scary face of the lanterns need not be a pumpkin. It can be any other vegetable that can get transformed into a good devil’s smile.

2. The Origin of Trick or Treat

The most famous phrase of the festival, trick or treat began in the medieval period only. It was a way to ask for food from the children of the neighborhood. It was inspired by an early tradition of'Souling' performed in English countries. Later, it converted into trick or treat. Treat is a surprise in the form of candy or other tasty food, whereas trick is considered mischief. So, you must not choose a trick when the excited souls visit your house on November 1.

3. Do You Know About the Fear of Halloween

Many people love exploring the world of Halloween, but for some, it is fear. Yes, there is a term for the fear of Halloween night called Samhainophobia. It originated from the early name of Halloween Samhain. Such people get threatened by the fact that the dead spirits are roaming inside their houses. They avoid watching the jack0-o-lanterns and stay isolated in the entire festival.

4. The Concept of Mischief Night

In some parts of the USA, the night before Halloween is called the mischief night. The kids used to prank the neighborhood by throwing utensils and other products at the trees and doorways. It was witnessed in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Michigan that the children smashed pumpkins for fun. Even the adults enjoy this unofficial holiday and party hard in their homes and bars.

5. Women Played Games to Learn to Predict Their Future Husbands

This one is the most exciting fact of them all. You must know the significance of valentines day for the love birds. But, can you believe that this haunted festival can turn romantic? Yes, that's true! Women in the ancient civilizations played Halloween games to predict their future husbands. It involved the use of ouija boards and other interesting activities. One of them involved tossing an apple after cutting the skin where the landed peal can form into the initial of the future love.

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