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How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking?

Do you feel nervous or your palms start sweating just before climbing onto the stage? Students have to participate in various extracurricular activities during their school and college life. Many of these activities include speaking in public like the debate, extempore, speeches, elocution competition, seminar, etc.

If you are one of those students who would prefer to do anything else rather than participating in the activities that involve speaking on the stage, then believe us, this fear of public speaking can hurt your professional as well as personal life.

Here are some of the ways in which you can win over this fear of public speaking:

Find Out the Source of Your Fear: What are you scared of? Is it the lack of knowledge or is it the thought of being judged and making mistakes? Search for the reason. In most of the cases, it is the second one. Remember no audience wants you to perform badly as they are there to listen to you. Fill yourself with positivity before your performance.

Get organized: Organize all your thoughts and materials. It will help you to reduce your anxiety and you’ll be relaxed and calm when you are on the stage. With clarity of thoughts, you can better focus on just one thing and that’s speaking.

Prepare Thoroughly: Make an outline of the key points you need to memorize for your speech or seminar. Note them and try to associate it with your surrounding environment to recall it in a better way.

Practice Extensively: Make use of a mirror while practicing. This will give you the feel of speaking directly to someone. Pay attention to your facial expressions and body gestures as you practice. Focus on keeping calm and maintaining gentle body language.

Record yourself: Record yourself while giving the talk and then listen to it from the beginning to end as an audience. Make notes on how you could improve or do better.

Exercise Lightly: Practice a breathing exercise before you go in front of the audience. This will relax your body and instill confidence in you. You can also do some walking or knee bends to ease out your anxiety.

Pause and Do Not Rush: Pause and breathe deeply after you make a point. Pausing for a few seconds doesn’t mean that you have not memorized properly. Rather, the audience feels that you are confident enough and are not rushing through. When you rush, you panic because you fall short of breath.

Enroll for a Course in Public Speaking: You can consider finding a professional public speaking training course according to your needs. By learning the art of public speaking you can enhance your performance in the presentations and seminars to a great extent.

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