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A Comparison Between an Ideal Grammar Checker & Available Options!

The advancements in technology have left everyone with a surprise. While a decade ago, students were struggling in managing their school bags, now they have all their books and notes on a drive as small as a finger. Gone are the days when people relied on books. Nowadays, they have the internet that practically has the answer to every query. From academics to entertainment, a student has access to everything. But there are some fronts where technology has disappointed the student fraternity, for example, the academic tools.

While the world is on the verge of going autonomous thanks to automation technology, students still have to proofread their documents manually and make changes on their own. Sure there are grammar checker tools available to assist, but most of them do not meet the hopes of a scholar. Looking at the pace with which the other sectors of technology have advanced, the tools are lacking behind. That is what we will discuss in this blog.

Students often look for a grammar checker tool that simplifies the task for them, but the available options do the exact opposite. So what is an ideal tool that students need? Does it have something to do with usability? Why do current ones lack behind? Well, you will get your answers in this blog! Shall we begin?

What is a Grammar Checker Tool? How Does it Work?

Before we get started, first understand what a grammar checker is. It is a tool that helps a student in the tiring task of proofreading. Grammar is an integral part of any assignment or document that you write. The professor wants that you make it perfect and for that, it must be free of all types of errors including silly mistakes of grammar. While finding the major discrepancies is easy, the grammar often goes unnoticed. Students need grammar checker tools. In simple words, it helps people correct their documents and make them accurate in terms of presentation and grammar.

Using these tools is simple. All you have to do is upload your work on the portal, and the algorithm will start working on it. You get to see the mistakes that you have made as well as the suggestions to help you correct them. Knowing how it works might have given you an idea about how helpful this tool can be for an individual. But is this how all the students want it to work, or to be precise, can there be an improved version of this to make it more usable? Well, there is scope for improvement in everything that we do, and the same is the case with this tool.

In the next section, take a look at key features that students require, but the current tools lack. You will also get a peek into the future as it will help you realize how great things can be with an advanced tool.

Key Features of an Ideal Grammar Checker Tool That Students Want!

Now that you know how a normal tool works, you might feel that it is okay to use as technically it provides everything that a student might want. Well, you are wrong, as there are so many things that the current tools are missing. What are these? What are the key features of an ideal grammar checker? Don’t worry, as you will get your answers in this section. Take a look at the following features that surpasses the current specs of a tool and takes it to a whole new level.

  1. Smart & Intelligent Algorithm- Some tools work fine because they work on a set algorithm that detects the errors. However, that is not enough. The problem with such tools is that it only focuses on the correctness of the sentence. It brings us to the first ideal feature, the intelligent algorithm. What does it mean? In simple words, the tool must be able to grasp the essence of the sentence and correct it accordingly. If something is written in an incorrect sequence but makes sense with t document, there must be no changes left. Only a few tools have tried to work on it, and the rest still work on the initial algorithm.
  2. Analysis Report- While every tool is capable of highlighting the mistakes, there is only a handful that helps a student grow out of them. An ideal tool must provide an analysis report of the user so that they can keep track of what type of mistakes they have attempted and whether they are improving on them or not. There is no point in using a grammar checker if it is not helping you grow. The tools have been around for so long, but still, the feature has been missing from the radar. It is the need of the hour that developers add it to their respective tools as fast as they can.
  3. Accuracy Guarantee- Every student who uses a tool does it in the hopes of making things accurate for themselves. But did you know that every tool is accurate to a certain percentage only? Tools always boast that they can resolve all the issues, but not every tool can do it completely. It’s like using a disinfectant, it might kill 99% of the errors, but if you are a student, even the 1 percent can cost you your grades. Students who use the document always look for the guarantee but, in the end, have to compromise as it does not work the same way. An ideal tool must have this guarantee to assure students that they are trusting a reliable tool.

These 3 things are always missing from the basic tools. If you have also experienced the same, then maybe it’s time to change the tool that you have been using and upgrade to an ideal one. Where to find it? Well, good news for you, we at Instant Assignment Help Australia have got a grammar checker tool that is designed with all the features that make it better than an ideal tool. Want to know more? Read the next section!

Can’t Find an Ideal Tool for Your Assignments? We Got You Covered!

Yes, we have the perfect recommendation of tool for you. Our exclusive smart AI-based grammar checker checks all the boxes of an ideal tool and makes it more and more effective to use, Log on to our tools section and get all your worries resolved instantly!

In case you do not want to put yourself in the position to make corrections, hire an expert who will help you with every aspect of your assignment, from writing to proofreading, without you having to break a sweat. It is up to you whether you want to DIY or you need assistance with your work.

Be smart, do not settle for mediocre tools when you can avail yourself the best!

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