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Know about some remarkable yet scary things about the Artificial Intelligence.

The field of Artificial Intelligence is rapidly growing, and the developments witnessed in this field are both astonishing and scary. While some scientists are happy with this, some are terrified. The reason behind their restlessness is a prediction which states that if this field kept on growing at a similar rate, there are chances that we will have to deal with a situation called AI apocalypse which was considered to be hypothetical till last decade. The experts have conveyed that an AI apocalypse is a scenario where the artificially intelligent systems will eventually become dominant life-form on earth.

But is this really possible? Why are knowledgeable people concerned about this? Can movies like Terminator become a reality? Well, it is hard to claim anything now, but let’s take a read through this blog and get enlightened of the developments that have made the scientists happy and terrified at the same time.

They are learning to cheat

Misguiding or lying is something which humans do all the time. Some animals too cheat for their survival, but this tendency is not limited just to animals and human beings; it is reported that a few artificially intelligent robots too are doing the same. A research team has conveyed that after a few more developments, these robots can be used in the battlefield as well. However, if anything regarding their DNA structure is released and found by terrorist organizations; then disaster may unleash on earth.

In future, they can look very humanly

A few robots of China resemble too much with humans, and it is possible that every robot has a human-like resemblance in future. If it does, it will be challenging to identify if you have just crossed path with a real person or a clone.

They are capable of understanding our behavior

Let’s take an example to understand this. Facebook, a social networking site has become the most influential part of our life now. The technology used at Facebook is AI. And, as it is able to understand our interests based on the links we click, it can offer us some suggestions as well that might seem interesting to us. This is yet another form of AI that might be used against us.

They are starting to learn right and wrong

In an attempt to prevent the AI apocalypse, scientists and researchers are developing methods that will enable machines to discriminate right and wrong. By doing this, AIs will become more sensible as predicted. Yes, this may be beneficial but it can be used in another way as well if developed by people with different goals.

They can be used as weapons of mass destruction

To be ahead of one’s enemies, it is essential to be one step ahead of them in every field. When it comes to the rivalry between countries, they try to overtake each other in every aspect. Some countries are trying to introduce the artificially intelligent machines into the battleground, however, it is still unknown how the system will differentiate between militants and innocent/normal citizens.

These are a few developments that can be both good and bad for us. In the meantime, all we can do is just wait and watch what future has in store for us.

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