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Three Matches of FIFA World Cup That Left Everyone in state of shock

When you see country flags printed on bodies of people instead of fabrics and team Jerseys become common attire, or you see more players in front of television sets than in grounds, or when an eight year old and a sixty year old arguing about their best teams keeping aside all the generation gap between them. All of this reminds you that the biggest season of celebration has arrived, FIFA world cup has arrived. From humongous crowds to numerous controversies, from amazing goals to spectacular defenses, from bicycle kicks to sliding tackles, the matches in the World cup have always produced something extraordinary. And, to choose three of the best World cup matches ever played is a mighty task. But we have tried, read and enjoy:

Brazil vs Uruguay (1-2) - July 16,1950

Who doesn’t love an underdog, no one. There can be nothing more fascinating than watching an underdog win against the favorite. And, this match was an another worthy addition to the list. In the 1950 FIFA World Cup, the dark horses Uruguay were up against the mighty Brazilians in a group stage match which was to decide the fate of both the teams. Brazil only needed to avoid their loss to qualify for the next round which was to be played in round-robin format between the top four teams, but Uruguay needed the win desperately to be eligible for the next round. Even before the match started, the media had written off la Celeste (Uruguay national football team) from the competition. And, they were expected to bow down to the might of Seleção (Brazil national team). But there was a contrasting difference between what was expected and what actually happened.

Both sides were tied at 0-0 till the halftime. Two minutes into the second half, Brazil scored through Friaca and Uruguay responded back through Juan Alberto Schiaffino. There was no need for concerns for the hosts Brazil as they just needed a draw. But, what unfolded left 1,76,000 people in the stadium gasping for breath. Eleven minutes to full time, right winger Alcides Ghiggia went past the Brazil keeper to score the winner that brought the whole stadium to a state of shock. Such was the impact of this match that this defeat of Seleção was compared to the Hiroshima-Nagasaki bombings. But, this match was another spectacular demonstration of high-quality football.

West Germany vs Hungary (3-2) - July 4, 1954


At that time, Hungary was by far the best team in the world. They were unbeaten since 1950, and undoubtedly, the favorites to win the World Cup. They boasted of legends, such as Ferenc Puskás, Gyula Grosics, and Sándor Kocsis- each of them capable of turning matches on their own. Their dazzling style of play had won praises from all quarters of the world. Their tactics were second to none and would go on to inspire many tactical innovations in future. Hungary reached the 1954 World Cup final in style smashing strong teams like Brazil and Uruguay during their sojourn. And, in the final, they were pitted against West Germany who were beaten comprehensively by the Magical Magyars (Hungary national football team of 1950’s) when the two teams met earlier in the group stages of the tournament. The score-line was 8-3. During that match, Hungary’s star player and their captain Ferenc Puskás got injured. But such was the strength of this team that even without him, they beat Brazil and Uruguay in the knockout stages to reach the final.

Basically, it was a match-up between a team who were unbeaten for four years and a team that was playing their first competitive tournament since the second World War. Hungary was also boosted by the return of their star player Puskás who succumbed to injury in the group stages. The script was simple for Hungary, beat West Germany whom they have already beaten and add one more trophy to their envious collection. But the Die Mannschaft (Germany national football team) hadn’t read that script. As expected the Magyars opened the scoring through their skipper, Puskás and Zoltan Czibor only to be equalized by the opposition after 10 minutes of Czibor’s goal. Germany scored through Max Morlock and Helmut Rahn. And then again, Rahn scored the winner to establish his name in the German football folklore forever. According to the German Historian Joachim Fest, this win was in certain aspects the founding day of German Republic.

Italy vs West Germany(4-3) After Extra Time- June 17,1970

It can only be defined as spectacular when two forces having different but equally effective artillery, come face to face with just one goal of winning. The match between West Germany and Italy was nothing less than a plot of a thriller novel. It gave the historians, the material to write a fantastic piece. It wasn’t just a match-up, it was the clash of the titans who were poles apart in their styles of play. The Italians relied on their legendary playmakers Sandro Mazzola and Giani Rivera along with their famed defensive tactics Catenaccio. And, the Germans boasted of a deadly attack comprising Uwe Seeler and Gerd Muller which was capable of ripping apart any defense along with the support of magical mid-field duo of Franz Beckenbauer and Wolfgang Overath. And, when you have such football powerhouses out on one arena, then expect something unbelievable to happen. What unfolded next was nothing short of it.

Italians opened the scoring through Roberto Boninsegna in the 8th minute, and it allowed their defensive brilliance take control of the first half. Germans couldn’t break through Catenaccio. In the second half, they started to rediscover their touch, and after multiple attacks, they succeeded in equalizing through Karl-Heinz Schnellinger who scored his first and only goal for the national team. This changed the complexion of the game. Germans were back level with only eight minutes left to finish. The game went into extra time. The equalizer turned this one goal encounter into a goal fest. As many as five goals were scored in the extra-time which is still a world record. This time Germans went ahead through Muller only to be equalized by Tarcisio Burgnich four minutes later. Italy surged ahead in the second half of extra time through Luigi Riva only to be pegged back by the irrepressible Muller. But, it was still not over, even before the TV replays of the last goal ended, Riverra scored one to clinch the win to engrave his name in football history. This match for all its drama was voted as the match of the century by the Germans.

They were the best three World Cup matches ever played, and this year, it won’t be any different. There will be magic this time too. So, get your slogans ready, tattoos printed, support your team and witness history being made in front of your eyes. Be the part of the sorrows, the happiness and the biggest sports festival. Be the part of the World Cup. If you have planned all the above but have barriers of assignments stopping you in cheering for your favorite team, and you are in a dilemma, then sweat no more, come to us. We are one of the best assignment help providers in Australia. You will have a high-quality paper delivered to you in no time. So, witness the FIFA magic without the burden of your assignments. We will do it for you.

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