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Anthropologists were baffled when they discovered these mysteries

We know that the homosapiens evolved from our homoerectus ancestors. Before that happened, we were hunting in forests and had no concept of farming and property. It’s wonderful how we evolved into a technologically advanced species gradually since 300 million years ago. On the other hand, we know that dinosaurs got extinct 65 million years ago. Summing it up, there could have been a period when we shared some part of our history with them. It’s weird how we hadn’t mentioned their name in any of our books.

What if we tell you that everything you know about dinosaurs and evolution was wrong? No, we are not preaching anything like that, but the artifacts that anthropologists found over the years baffled even the smartest of their minds. Given are a few of those discoveries:

1. Burial Caves in Himalayas

These caves were found in 1938 by a group of archaeologists. They saw inscriptions on the walls and a humanoid's remains. It became the center for mass research within a few months, for the paintings found inside the caves suggested an incredible level of cosmic awareness. The remains of the human found were significantly smaller than today’s human being. When scientists carbon-dated the artifacts from the cave, they turned out to be 11 million years old which is more than thrice as old as the existence of humankind.

2. Iron Hammer

Not your father’s regular hammer, this one was found in Kimble County, Texas, US. The couple who found it had mistaken it for a rock with a handle. They were somewhat right about its historical value. Later, when scientists ran Radiocarbon analysis on the rock, they deciphered that it is an iron hammer from 500 million BC. It was a confusing observation as the hammer predated the human race. The fact that hit anthropologists like a train was that there were no signs of rust on it. It's still unclear, who made it and how did they create it.

3. The Book of Mystery

In the year 1912, Wilfred Voynich, a dealer, and keeper of rare books bought an unknown book. The book was later named as Voynich Manuscript. When researchers carbon-dated its age, the book was found to be from 15th century AD. However, the script that the author used to explain different natural and cosmological topics does not even resemble any human language. So was it a work of an entity from other planet or someone just wrote it with the eyes closed? We are nobody to decide.

4. Zuni Tribe

The tribe is known to be indigenous to the New Mexico for 4000 years or more. However, their culture resembles no other tribe that lived in the area. Their culture and language are found close to that of Japanese. People from Japan are said to even understand what the Zuni people say. It’s a mystery how Zuni tribe ended up living in (what currently is) New Mexico.

Some mysteries are just waiting to be unfolded in different corners across the globe. If you pay attention to things that shaped our society, you will find the invention of fire as one of our most significant inventions. We used heat to run our industries, vehicles, and home as well. When you look at the machines which don’t require fire to produce energy, you'll find them to be either from ancient times or one of the most expensive ones.

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