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How Can Students Make Use of the Freebies?

Who doesn’t love freebies and special offers? And when it is meant for a college student, it is an opportunity to grab on. As the expenses for education, tuition, food and lodging are skyrocketing; the scholars who are studying in the universities need some respite from such expenditures.

Along with the financial crisis, the students are also burdened with their academic writing work including the assignments for which they might take online assignment help. To reduce their stress levels, they might consider taking assignment writing help from ‘Instant Assignment Help’ for better results.

Coming back to the point, the students need to be aware of the special offers and discounts which are offered to them to make their life simpler. Have a read at some of the common freebies many scholars might be unaware of:

Gym Membership

Are you a health freak, yet not able to bear the expense of the gym? Now, you need not worry as there are many gym services out there which cater the special requirements of the college-goers. So, once you have settled well in your college and hostel life, march out on a mission to search for such health centers which offer heavy discounts on monthly or yearly subscriptions.


Every college student might experience issues with his/her huge amount of laundry every week. It is a tiring activity to wash all the clothes on one’s own. Hence, many scholars look out for cheaper washing services. However, they might fall prey to the expensive laundry service providers. Therefore, they must avail free services provided by many on-campus laundry units.


While young, we are no less than big time foodies, and when we get free food coupons, then it is certainly the icing on the cake. It is fortunate for the college students that they get various occasions on-campus as well as off-campus, for them to relish on the free food services. Many events such as exhibitions, fairs and seminars promote the idea of free lunch or dinners to increase the strength of the young pupil.


We live in a technology-driven world. It is expected of today’s youth to be well-versed with the recent technological advancements. Usually, all the college-goers possess laptops which they might require for several purposes. These need to be equipped with software which might be expensive. However, there are many online service providers which offer free software downloads and usage. The scholars must look out for such portals to avail the special offers.


Another cause of expense in a student’s life could be the transportation costs. To have a private vehicle entails several expenses including the fuel and its maintenance charges. Hence, the scholars can make use of the public means of conveyance. The state transportation boards usually issue special student identity cards which are available at minimal costs. There are also offers on special occasions or significant national days.


If you are an avid reader, you might need free library subscriptions too. Many colleges offer the same to their regular visitors. Hence, the scholars must make use of these freebies to enhance the bookworm in them.

Health Centers

As a student, the medical expenses too might seem impossible to bear by self. Hence, they can look out for such health centers which offer special discounts and services to the college-goers. By availing such services, the scholars can also pay visits to such clinics for their regular health checkups.

Bank Accounts

Many banks charge certain interests for maintaining an account with them. The students can avail the zero-balance bank account facility to cut short their bank expenses. This will ensure them a stress-free life from the financial tensions.

To live a contented college life, financial stability is a must. The students must be aware of the effective ways to curb their expenses to save a few bucks. They can accomplish the same by acknowledging the freebies and special offers extended out for them by several service providers. This will help them lead a peaceful and stress-free college life.

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