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Eight low-budget and surprising activities that Australians can do on Christmas

Christmas in Australia comes during summer break, so kids and adults there are more enthusiastic and excited for this special occasion. You would find wreaths hanging on the front doors and can hear carols. You might have noticed some sort of competition from your neighbors in decorating the house with lights or regarding the size of the ‘Christmas tree’. The best view one can ever witness in Australia is the street display during the month of December when the roads are flooded with dancing lights of different colors. Being a college student, you barely spend time with your family. Most of you celebrate this national holiday lying in your bed and sleeping until noon because you hardly have any plans for the day. So this article could be very useful for you as it contains many pocket-friendly and amusing things that you can do on Christmas Day and get over with your boredom.

1.) Popcorn garland plus Christmas movies

Yes, it sounds crazy, but it can be very amazing. All you need to do is call your friends and ask them to prepare a garland of popcorn for themselves. You can also use candies or berries to make an alternating pattern to give it an attractive look. Moreover, you can eat it while watching movies with your friend and lying in your couch.

2.) Ugly dress party

It is quite an interesting idea of partying. It adds some uniqueness to your party, and your friends would be very keen to attend it. You can ask them to wear an ugly dress while inviting your guests. Note that the decoration must suit the theme to make them feel connected to the party. The idea will definitely make your event a fabulous success.

3.) Play beach cricket

It’s the best time to level the score of your past cricket match’s defeat with your friends. Cricket is the national sport of Australia, and it is played at the beach, backyard, oval, park, street or anywhere. After the Christmas lunch, you can make an unsophisticated cricket wicket and play. Even your family member can also be a part of your team.

4.) Local band performance

Even if you are not Bon Scott, you can perform in any local band of your community and enjoy your singing. Just try it once, and you will realize that there is a lot you are missing in your life. Other than this, you can also attend any local Australian band to make your evening an Instagram story.

5.) Wreath making

Christmas in Australia is incomplete without wreaths, and some decorations and your sentiments get beefed up if it is handmade. Go for a small walk and gather some of the evergreen branches and pine cones, trim some leaves from the bottom of your Christmas tree, pluck some flowers or just buy some at the store. Craft your own wreath and feel complete.

6.)  Fishing and roasting in the woods

Are you tired of your monotonous life, feeling frustrated with increasing road traffic day after day? If yes, then, this Christmas eve is giving you an opportunity to live your fantasy in the woods, surrounded by nature and imagine a more peaceful life. Go for fishing and roast your catch for lunch with your loved ones.

7.) Be a secret Santa for homeless

This Christmas, you can do some charity deeds by being a secret Santa for the poor and homeless kids. Gift them clothes, food, candies, chocolates, and books and you will definitely witness some of the best smiles of this world. Believe it or not, but your heart will get overwhelmed for sure.

8.) Plan a get together dinner

This Christmas, make your house feel more like a home by planning a family dinner. You can also rearrange your house as it was in the past and it should feel like a homecoming to every member of the family. Cook and bake some of the favorite dishes of your siblings or parents. Make this weekend the best memory of your life.

Hope you’ve got the idea about the things you can try with your friends on this Christmas. Enjoy your weekend. Merry Christmas!

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