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Check out the best places to spend your vacations

The yearlong term is coming to an end, and it’s time to cut loose. With vacations round the corner, there is a long overdue that needs to be taken care of. Yes, we are talking about a perfect getaway!

Being a student can be exhausting at times, and a break from all the huffing & puffing becomes truly important. If you are looking to plan a holiday this time around but don’t know where to go, then stop worrying as you have come to the right place. We bring you five superb destinations for vacations that will satisfy your craving for an excursion and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Here they are:

New Zealand


It is a hot-spot for tourists all around the world. Famous for its fickle weather conditions, New Zealand is a perfect destination for those who love thrills. From astonishing waterfalls to magnificent caves and national parks, the land of Kiwis offers so much that it’s impossible to find a reason not to visit. Its compact geography allows you to explore almost everything within very little time. Isn’t that fantastic?



This central American nation with Caribbean coastlines may not be very popular in the tourism world but certainly deserves an acclamation. Along with white sand beaches & rain-forest grooves, Honduras offers some of UNESCO’s most picturesque archaeological sites which are a testimony to the ancient civilizations. The economy is still in a growing phase which makes it one of the most affordable tourist destinations. Also, your Español lessons might pay off as the commonly spoken language is Spanish.



Just at the conjuncture of the Pacific and South American continent lies this Latin beauty. Panama is famous for its diversified fauna and pleasant weather. If you are fond of kayaking, sailing, cliff-hanging, sky-diving, and other adventurous sports, then it is the perfect place for you. Tech maniacs can visit one of the most exquisite engineering marvels, i.e., the majestic Panama Canal and enjoy its complexity. Mainly, Panama is a proverbial confluence of two civilizations, Latin and North American. Rich in history, it teaches the significance of communal harmony. No wonder Van Halen created a namesake song!

Sri Lanka


Surrounded by the Indian Ocean, the beautiful island nation of Sri Lanka is located at the southern tip of the Indian subcontinent. Popularly known as ‘God’s own country,’ Lanka is famous for its churches & scenic coastal ridges. Once a Portuguese territory, it has got a substantial influence of it on the architecture and everyday lifestyle. Packed with poetic cathedrals and museums, Sri Lanka is a wonderful place to chill out with friends.



The glorious renaissance of Tuscany, beautiful Mediterranean coasts of Sicily, mouth-watering seafood of Calabria, pizzerias of Rome, and the list is endless. It is just impossible to resist Italy! Its every nook & cranny is filled with history and flavors, and probably that’s why it is one of the finest getaway places in the world. Not to forget, this place is paradise for the students who want to study contemporary European history. A destination as serene as Italy deserves a visit.

Hope we helped you in making up your mind for the best getaway place for upcoming holidays.

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