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HLTWHS002 Follow Safe Work Practices for Direct Client Care Assessment Answers

Many students don’t know how to write HLTWHS002 assessment answers? And due to this unawareness, they seek writing assistance. This course belongs to nursing and community services and includes many complex terms and concepts that make it difficult for the students to write.

Nurses have been an integral part of the medical sector, but people have recognized their work now more than ever before; this is because of the COVID-19 outbreak. The world saw and is still seeing the significant contribution of nurses.

According to WHO report 9 January 2020 nurses account for 50% of the world’s health workforce, and estimates that the world will need an additional 9 million nurses and midwives by the year 2030”. If you plan to pursue this course, then you have ample opportunity to get an excellent job. You must have compassion, care, emotional stability, communication skills, open-mindedness, and versatility to become an amazing nurse. These qualities are needed when you practice nursing; before this, you have to pass the course with excellent marks, and for this, you have to write HLTWHS002 assessment answers follow safe work practices for direct client care. If you are a novice to this course, then you must read the brief introduction of the course in the below section.

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HLTWHS002 Assessment Answers | A Brief Overview of the Course

This course comes under community services, in which you have to help people who are affected by a disease, physically or mentally disabled, or are unable to do their daily work due to age complications. A lot of Australian students enroll in this program every year, so there is a competition. You have to also face competition in writing HLTWHS002 follow safe work practices for direct client care.

When you pursue this course, then different types of training are given to you so that you can develop skills and knowledge to offer better service to people. Many nurses have to go to the patients’ homes or to a particular place established by the community so that proper care and services can be offered to the needy people.

You not only have to care about the patient’s health but also establish safe work practices for your health too. If you are not well, then you can’t serve better.

So, this is all about the course; now, you will get to know some of the important questions that are generally asked by the professor in the HLTWHS002 assignment.

Read them carefully so that you can deal with them easily if they are given to you.

10 Vital Questions You Must Know for Effective HLTWHS002 Assignment

  1. Elena is a working professional, and due to a tight work schedule, she can’t take care of her father, who is a patient with a serious disease. Elena needs a full-time nurse to help her father. She wants the nurse to provide healthy food, take her father outside for fresh breath, and manage some documents. Provide your analysis of how you will deal with all of this.
  2. If you are asked to take care of the patient with a dilemma who has anxiety issues also, then how would you deal with him? Explain.
  3. Describe the measures you will take if your patient does not listen to you at all and does what he likes to do.
  4. Your senior nurse tells you to do a work that does not come under your nursing work, but you are in front of a patient, then what would you do, describe.
  5. If a patient is not getting improved and the senior nurse has asked for the report in 21 days, then would you try something different or continue with the same procedure.
  6. What would you do if a client is acting out or displaying his behavior? Provide some standard measures to apply in this situation.
  7. If two people have come to you for wound dressing and giving you advice on how it should be dressed, then what will be your call.
  8. A nurse is following some illegal practices; if you get to know about the same, then what would be your call of action.
  9. Mrs.Smith is a single lady, and her age is 78. She can’t handle even small works. If you have to serve her, then you will have to do little works too for her. Can you offer intense and dedicated service to your patient? If yes, then how will you handle the adverse situations? Explain.
  10. If you find your work boring, then how would you deal with this situation and motivate yourself? Describe.

You can be given any type of question, so you should be prepared for them. The professor can only give you excellent marks if he sees amazing HLTWHS002 assessment answers.

You can be given any type of assessment in nursing. This is because you have to perform many different tasks-from the introduction to the recovery of the patient, and they come under some methods.

Have a look at some of the assessment methods below.

What Are the Different HLTWHS002 Assessment Methods?

Initial Assessment: You have to determine the origin and nature of the problem in this type of assessment. It helps you to move forward with the next assessment.

Focused Assessment: Patients' medical situation is checked under this assessment, his health’s vital signs are constantly monitored.

Time-lapsed Assessment: You can be given many questions from this method, and then you have to write proper HLTWHS002 follow safe work practices for direct client care assessment answers. This type of assessment method includes information about diagnosis and treatment implementation.

Emergency Assessment: As the name implies, it is performed when an emergency situation arises. If he has a problem in breathing, airway, and circulation, then an emergency assessment takes place. Nurses register all the conditions.

Many times, students only focus on the topics that come under these assessment methods and don’t focus on workplace rights and responsibilities. You must read below to know about this area of nursing because if questions come from this field, then you can be ready to write effective HLTWHS002 assessment answers.

5 Points on Workplace Rights & Responsibilities

  1. You must be provided with a written document on rights and responsibilities by the organization so that you can read it carefully and avoid risks.
  2. Nurses have to take care of themselves as well, so what are the measures for the same? Know them.
  3. If you are only aware of the responsibilities of the client, then your rights can be violated at any stage while you are working, so you must be aware of both.
  4. If you are not aware of how to safely perform the work, then you can make several mistakes, and this can prove you irresponsible.
  5. You must be aware of the code of professional conduct because it decides how a person should behave when he is in a professional capacity.

There are a lot of things to learn and understand to write HLTWHS002 follow safe work practices for direct client care assessment answers. That is why students often get stuck while writing. Many times, they dream of excellent marks but fail in the attempt due to the below-mentioned reasons. Have a look at them!

  • Improper structure of the answer becomes the main issue in writing properly.
  • Many times, you avoid the practical knowledge in the nursing paper, and due to lack of initiative, the professor does not give you excellent marks.
  • Lack of time drives you to write the HLTWHS002 answers anyhow in the paper. And resultant, you make several mistakes.
  • Many difficult concepts and terms are used in the medical field, you have to use them in the paper. It is sometimes confusing for the students.

If you are also struggling to write impressively, then you can seek help from a renowned service provider in Australia. Read about one of the top service providers and ensure your highest marks in the class.

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Where the needs of the world and your talents cross, there lies your vocation.” – Aristotle

The quote implies-If you are talented in the field that is needed in the world, then you can easily get an amazing job. While pursuing nursing you become talented to serve people, and today nurses are needed more than before.

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