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Ideas to host a great New Year’s party in a limited budget

As this year is about to end, you might be hearing and discussing so much about the upcoming parties that you can attend on the New Year’s Eve. The excitement and preparations can be seen all around as many of your classmates must also be hosting dinner or a get-together.

These parties are all about dance, music, fun, games, food, etc. It is the time when you meet all your friends and celebrate the occasion and wish best for each other. But, as a student you might have the restriction regarding budget, so you have to plan a gathering accordingly. You have to think about the most economical way in which you can include decorations, menu, party-props, etc. Are you also amongst such party hosts who have a limited budget? If yes, then do not worry anymore as there are many ideas and tips that can help you organize a pocket-friendly party.

So here are some suggestions that can help you host a New Year’s party in a limited budget:

1. Decorations

If you want to give a party look to your house, and for this, you need decorative articles such as wall hangings, props, candles, ribbons, etc. When you go to a store to buy these items, you would need to spend a huge amount on them. So, you can use some cheap and easy-to-make products for your party place.

  • You can use cotton to form snowflakes and hang them from the ceiling using thread or ribbons.
  • You can cut different shapes and hangings from white, silver, golden and glitter sheets and hang them or stick them on walls, mirror, gates, lamps, etc.
  • Ribbons are also very cheap yet useful decorative items that can be used in different ways. You can make ribbon curls of various sizes and hang them on doorways, fans, walls, etc. It will give a typical New Year look to your house.
  • Candles are a good option for party decorations and can be found easily in your house or at a reasonable price in the market. Just light candles on tables in glasses, jars, and it will give a pleasing look.

2. Party props for photographs

Taking group pictures with your friends is the highlight of any party, and everyone loves to get clicked. These are the memories that you create and remind you of your best times. So, to make it more special, you can make some props which everyone can wear or hold while taking photographs. Use colorful sheets and write funny quotes and one-liners on them, balloons are also good props, and you can place them in the background to give a good effect. Also, you can make frames of different shapes, so that guests can stand behind them for photos.

3. Food

The main stress in hosting any party is the menu. You have to keep many factors in mind while finalizing the dishes that you can serve like budget, taste, quantity, etc. but, no worries as we have a few recommendations for you:

  1. You can organize a potluck party where every guest has to bring one dish with them. This concept is quite famous especially for student parties and also puts less burden on pocket.
  2. If you want to prepare something yourself which is easy, then you can opt for noodles. its recipe is simple and quick as you just need some veggies to add flavor.
  3. You can also serve baked potato bar filled with cheese, mushrooms, jalapenos, olives and use cream, chili, oregano, shredded cheese as toppings. It is an inexpensive dish which you can serve as supper.
  4. Nachos and Doritos topped with cheese, beans, mayonnaise, chili flakes, and other veggies are also a good option for your menu. You can serve it while playing games or dancing.

We hope that the blog has helped you with the three main concerns that you have to deal with while planning a party. There are many other aspects like games, music, dance, prizes which can be handled easily with the help of friends. So, you can ask for their help or read other related blogs.

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