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Think & Write Systematically with Gibbs Reflective Cycle

Most of the time, students have the question, ‘how to write Gibbs reflective cycle?’ in their head. Now, if we talk about Gibbs reflective cycle, then it helps a person understand any situation or event with proper systematic thinking. It can only be achieved with the help of experience. Gibbs has reflected all those systems in his specific cycle, which contains 6 simple steps that students can understand and implement in their writing as well.

The key purpose of writing as per this cycle is to enhance the knowledge, learning, feelings, and so on. All of these helps in evaluating the overall content in such detail that there is no room for mistakes.

So, let’s begin with the very first step to understand the systematic approach to think better and implement it in writing.


Most of the time, students are advised to describe the content of their writing in a way that reflects the true meaning in front of readers. It is because, when students begin their writing, they have to mention certain topics in detail. Reciting information in detail helps professors understand the ideology behind every single word in a better way. Similarly, the Gibbs reflective cycle is an approach that supports the ideology of a person to describe every situation in detail. It helps in getting the desired results at the end of the task.


Feelings are considered as the most triggering phase. The reason behind this is that whenever a reader reads anything, he might get attached to it because he felt the emotions behind the sentences or words. Similarly, students can write certain examples in their content that are full of feelings. It would help them in creating awareness regarding any topic for the readers. This way, not only they can receive positive remarks, but also get good grades in their writing.


In step three of the Gibbs reflective cycle, you need to evaluate your writing perfectly. Well, in this step, you have to remain focused as you can never afford to leave a mistake in your document; it would lead to bad grades. According to Gibbs, you need to try several approaches to evaluate your content because mostly while writing, you must have made a ton of mistakes. While evaluation, you can eliminate all your errors related to grammar, spellings, sentence structure, etc. Doing this will certainly increase the chances of getting A+ grades in writing. So, it is always advisable to evaluate your writing with dedication.


While writing, you need to think systematically, then only you can make your content look presentable. With this Professor Graham Gibbs cycle you can easily learn how to analyze your every written word in the document. It is because there are numerous mistakes that most of us do while writing. But you have to analyze those errors and rectify them with all required corrective actions. This is often said that you only learn from your mistakes, so do not repeat it in your writing. It will help you write a flawless document that will certainly achieve good grades. This way you can edit your papers to perfection.


This is the step where you understand your whole content and summarize it in a way that the reader can easily understand the key aim of your writing. According to Gibbs reflective cycle, when you research your topic well and write every information accordingly, then your conclusion will automatically turn to be the most effective part of your writing. It is important to draft a conclusion precisely because professors read this section just to check the connectivity of the content. It also states your ability to make the entire document crisp and concise. When you excel in this step, you can easily fetch good grades from professors.

Action Plan

Along with all the above-mentioned five steps, students need to make an action plan that can help them in having a proper insight into their very next step. According to Gibbs reflective cycle, the action plan is mostly developed to consider future situations. There is also a saying that the action plan is like a conclusion where students make concrete promises regarding something and ensure improvement in the future. So, it is always advisable to make an effective schedule before initiating work so that you can avoid breaking their promises. This way, you can easily systematize their thinking and bring an effective result in the end.

So, after reading all the above-mentioned steps of Gibbs reflective cycle, students can organize their assignment writing and thinking as well. It will also be beneficial in achieving desired grades from professors. When students receive good grades, their overall score will also be increased.

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