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Tips to Have the Best Roommate

Hostel life for most of the students is a place to unfold and share the best of someone. Indeed, life at a hostel is the most enjoyable phase in the existence of a student and the memories created here, last for a lifetime. Though you might have lived your earlier life with your siblings, yet life in a hostel has its own charm. The best part to spice up this phase is the “roommate” with whom an individual is entitled to spend the rest of the academic life.

As more Australian students are opting for higher studies and a life in the college hostels, they are left with no option but to spend the tenure in the company of their roommate they are completely unaware of. For some scholars, it is an experience they cherish for the rest of their lives; while for others it might be a dreadful period accompanied with sorrows and stress. To have a roommate can be quite a challenging experience, yet it can also prove to be one of the greatest phases of your entire life.

However, for most of the Australian students, searching for the most-suitable roommate is quite a daunting task. Most of the scholars do not even have an option as they are made to live with a pre-decided room partner by the college authorities. Nevertheless, there can always be a way to choose the partner acceptable as per your parameters. The ways to do it are summarised below:

Know Well His/Her Temperament

It is inevitable to understand that though you might not be destined to live together forever, yet a match in the temperament plays a vital role in maintaining the required equilibrium. “Opposites attract” works only for the lifetime romantic couples, not in this case sadly. Hence, it must be imperative for the students to make a wise choice of their room partner as this shall determine the happy and the sad times all together. You might want to live with a partner who has an equal temperament to yours. Be the party zeal or the quiet time; these must be shared equally.

Cleanliness and Hygiene Factor:

One of the most common complaints of the nagging roommates is their conflict in keeping the room clean and hygienic. Every individual is different from the other and so their cleaning standards. The safest way to live with this issue is to compromise a bit on each part and by trying to focus on one’s area of the room. If an individual is too specific about high standards of hygiene, then he/she must make the relative selection of a room partner.

Make Sure Your Schedules Match

Before finalising your living partner’s selection, make sure that your schedules are complementary to each other. You might want your roommate’s timings to match with yours in order to align the schedule of the entire day. No one would want a partner whose day starts when its time for you to sleep. This would ruin the entire regime of someone’s life. Hence, it is vital to discuss in advance the daily schedule before deciding to live with each other.

Focus on the Common Interests

If the interests vary, then conflicts are bound to come along the way. You might be the “loner” kind, while you room partner is a hard-core “party animal”- a perfect mismatch! In such cases, you might find yourself in a constant fight with your roomie and indeed, you wouldn’t want that. Pay attention to this parameter as well.

Have his/her Background Knowledge

One of the vital steps to take while selecting your roomie is to have a proper knowledge of his/her background i.e; about family and friends. This way you are aware of the probable issues that might come up during the course of your stay with him/her.

Try to Be Ignorant of the Petty Issues

No one is perfect, so are you! While making a selection for your room partner, try to ignore the petty concerns like bodily behaviour or the way he/she dresses. These issues can easily be disregarded to live a peaceful life.

When such parameters are considered while making a choice of a roommate, the academic life of the students is automatically bound to be peaceful and stress-free. The life of a scholar also has various other tensions including the academic pressure and assignment submission.

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