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Scientific predictions that might become true

Every year, we witness numerous technological developments taking place around us. And, with these advancements, people predict how the future world will be different from the present one. While many predictions made by our ancestors come to fruition, some of them remain indecipherable from the plots of science fictions. You must be aware of the fact that back in 1660, everyone made fun of Robert Boyle for propagating the idea of organ transplantation. But this became a reality in 1954 with the first successful kidney transplant surgery at Brigham Hospital in Boston. It might be possible that the various predictions made by scientific community around the world come true in future. Here we have listed some of them:

The future human will be one-eyed

A famous 20th-century scientist Dr. Thomas Hall Shastid wrote an article, entitled, “Face of the Future.” He mentioned that after 2000 years from now,  human being would look very different from today. This future man will possess only one eye and that too at the centre of the face. Moreover, the forehead will be at the place of the nose. He reasoned that our binocular vision allows us to see an object from a distance of up to 100 metres, but with time we would stop using our eyes for this purpose. Thus, it will evolve to see the nearby object only.

The miracle pill will cure all diseases

If the prediction made by Francois Ody in 1956 becomes true, hospitals and pharmacy industry are going to find themselves in a tough spot. A renowned surgeon of his time, Ody foretold that in future there will be no use of surgery and multiple drugs for treating a disease. They will be replaced by a single capsule that will treat ailments within hours.

Underwater housing

In 1964, the renowned fiction writer Sir Issac Asimov wrote an article in the New York Times, in which he mentioned about the future scope of underwater dwelling. He wrote that by the end of 2014, colonization of continental shelf would begin. Azimov also believed that such houses would have all the creature comforts including controllable temperature, clean air, and adjustable light.

Flying bicycles will replace motorbikes

In 1909, the French philosopher and occultist Henri Antoine Jules-Bois predicted that after 100 years, the motorbikes would be replaced by flying bicycles that will allow people to travel hundreds of kilometers within fraction of hours. He also said that the future cities would only accommodate offices and shopping complexes. And, residential colonies would be located in countrysides.

Factories would float in the space

The Science and Technology Agency in Tokyo interviewed 2000 native scientists in 1983 and asked them about their expectation from the future generations. The amazing thing is that most of the predictions made by those scientists became true. For instance, they anticipated that the entire would be connected in a single digital loop, which became possible with the advent of Internet. They also foretold that there will be no industry on the earth by the end of 2010 and they would be established in the space. Well, there seems no scope for making it possible in the near future, but hopefully someday we would have an industry-free world.

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