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Know Why Inquiry-Based Learning is Better Than Traditional Learning

The face of educational system has changed considerably in the recent time, and instead of rote learning it is more focused on practical approaches. One such method in the latest classroom programs is the inquiry-based learning which is a form of active learning that includes question and answer sessions and focuses on problem-solving aptitude, rather than simply going through facts and theorems. This method is closely related to the development and improvement of analytical and cognitive skills in students. It involves various methods such as case studies, group projects, research projects, fieldwork, etc. Read here to know the benefits of this mode of learning

Reinforces curriculum content

While some people perceive inquiry-based learning as a departure from the curriculum, students can actually use it to strengthen and improve their academic knowledge. This is because the things that arouse curiosity in your brain can be easily learned and memorised. Psychologists name it as curiosity’s effect, i.e., when a concept stimulates interest, there is increased activity in the hippocampus- the region of the brain responsible for memorising.

Warms up the brain for learning

Inquiry-based learning helps in creating students’ interest in the topic. It is a proven fact that curiosity prepares the brain for learning — allowing students to become more proficient at understanding and remembering the concepts. Scholars can do this themselves by participating in a quiz or raising questions related to the topic.

Promotes a deeper understanding of concepts

By exploring a concept through inquiry, students develop a deeper understanding of it because the process of asking open questions and solving them through original strategies empowers students to take ownership of their learning. As a result, they go a long way in learning and researching the topic more until their inquisitiveness is satiated.

Helps in making self-rewarding

Inquiry-based learning can assist students in finding and developing the intrinsic motivation behind learning. As per a Harvard University article, most students learn in an attempt to earn the rewards of parental or teacher approval or the avoidance of failure. But, inquiry-based learning instills a different mindset helping students to develop self-motivation for learning and research.

Builds self-direction

Students who practice inquiry-based learning are more likely to develop skills related to self-direction. This is evident while examining the steps of the inquiry process. Students learn how to ask questions, investigate, discuss, collaborate and reach their own conclusions. Students can separately build these skills through other activities, self-guided inquiry and analysis to synthesise this development. Such skills will not only prove useful in their academics but also in their career.

While the classroom programs nowadays have inculcated inquiry-based learning in the form of case-studies, comprehension, and research project; students can also work by themselves, or as part of a small or large group. Moreover, they can also take the help of online discussion forums and educational portals.

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