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Top 5 inventions by NASA that you should know about

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was established in 1958, and is a branch of the US federal government which runs the civilian space program of the country. The scientists and engineers working there are talented and experienced in their respective fields from Astronomy and Physics to Chemistry, Biology and Material Science. NASA has invented many technologies to solve the problems of space exploration. There are also a lot of things in your day-to-day life that are the results of NASA research and development.

Have a look at some of these remarkable inventions by NASA:

Memory Foam

The foam was made for NASA aircraft seats to reduce the impact during the landing of the astronauts. Memory foams have a unique component that distributes pressure on its surface that helps millions of people to sleep well at night.

Invisible Braces

The NASA Advance Ceramics Research along with a company called Ceradyne developed invisible braces. The benefits of these braces are that they are stronger than steel, and their smooth and round exterior protects breakage. The technology which was used to track heat-seeking missiles has been implemented to create these invisible braces.

Water Filter

Water is the basic requirement for the survival of humans and it’s impossible to imagine life without it. Scientists invented a filter that has the capability of converting contaminated water into pure water. This invention was one of the astonishing and valuable achievements by NASA.

Scratch Resistant Lens

NASA needed a special coating to save space equipment from the dirt found in the space, so they designed a special plastic coating. They created a layer which made the sunglasses ten times more scratch-resistant than non-coated plastics.

Artificial Limbs

One of the most inspiring inventions that NASA is associated with is the modification of artificial limbs. The development of high-quality and functional limbs were designed with artificial muscle system and they are used in space robotics and extravehicular activities.(Source: Wikipedia)

Solar Energy

NASA established a 28-member union known as the Environmental Research Aircraft and Sensor Technology with the objective to build a remotely piloted aircraft that would need advanced solar power sources. As a result, single-crystal silicon solar cells were designed. With this invention, millions of homes have crystal silicon power that decreases conventional energy expenses and reduces pollution.

Science is one of the fundamental factors in the evolution of mankind. These creations by NASA has helped in shaping and transforming life on the planet and contributed to making individuals’ life more comfortable and convenient.

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