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Inventors Who Were Killed by Their Own Inventions

Life of inventors has never been a bed of roses. They have to think beyond what everyone can imagine so that their invention gains mass popularity. They not only push themselves to excel in their field and invent something new with their knowledge, but also strive hard to improve the already existing things. Our established and budding innovators are the reason why we have so many useful gadgets and machines to reduce the amount of work and effort.

But the curiosity of inventors has been proved to be quite dangerous for several inspiring creators as things go wrong, inventions break or don't work as they intended, and sometimes scientists are killed by those ideas which they brought to life. Quite bizarre, isn’t it? Here, we have compiled the stories of a few such unfortunate inventors who were killed by their own inventions.

So, let’s get started and know more about them!

Marie Curie

She was the best among all who was behind the discovery of Radium and Polonium, the process of isolating radium, and much more. She died because of prolonged exposure to the radioactive elements. Unfortunately, she was killed by her own discoveries.

Karel Soucek

He invented a stunt and successfully completed it. And, to do the same, he was dropped from the Niagara Falls in a self-designed barrel. Later, he tried to repeat this in a tank full of water, but this time things didn’t turn out as planned, and he got seriously injured. According to the sources, the barrel in which Karel was, hit the rim of the tank and hurt him badly. This eventually became the reason of his death, and this popular stuntman was killed from stunt which he had invented.

Max Valier

Max was a member of a German Rocketeering Society. He made significant improvements that were responsible for the invention of liquid-filled rockets and automobiles. In 1930, while he was testing a rocket that was alcohol-fueled, an unfortunate accident took place. The rocket exploded, and he died on the testing spot. This was an end to the life of a great neoteric because of his invention!

Thomas Midgley

He was a popular American chemist and engineer. As he was diagnosed with polio, he discovered a device which used a bunch of pulleys and ropes and made getting up from the bed easier for him. Unfortunately, one day he got strangulated in those ropes and eventually died.

François Reichelt

Known as the ‘tailor man,' he was trying to test one of his inventions, “the wearable parachute.” He had planned to jump from Eiffel Tower, but the parachute never opened, and he died immediately on the impact of falling from 187ft.

These were a few among many unfortunate inventors who died from their own inventions. We hope you liked reading this blog. For more, keep a close watch on our blog section.

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