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All you need to know about the Light Fidelity

There is a term quite popular among the researchers, and that’s Li-Fi. Although it is in testing phase, the technology will be officially introduced for the masses soon. The Light Fidelity(Li-Fi) is similar to the Wi-Fi, and is a form of visible light communication. Also, it is said to be a subset of Optical Wireless Communication(OWC).

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Li-Fi uses common household LED (light emitting diodes) light bulbs to enable data transfer, boasting speeds of up to 224 Gigabits per second.


As the lights cannot penetrate through walls & doors, and thus the Li-Fi cannot be accessed outside a room. This makes it more secure and easier to control who can connect to your network. As long as transparent materials like windows are covered, access to a Li-Fi channel is limited to devices inside the room.


Using the visible light spectrum, the upcoming Li-Fi technology would transmit data and unlock capacity which is 10,000 times greater than that available within the radio spectrum.


Radio waves cannot be used underwater because these are strongly absorbed by seawater within a few feet of their transmission, and this renders it unusable underwater, but Li-Fi is suitable for underwater communication as lights can traverse underwater as well.


Where there’s a LED light bulb or the possibility of installing a light bulb, there’s a potential application and scope for LiFi. In his Ted Talk, Harald Haas, the first one to coin this term, briefed about the Li-Fi applications. He stated that it could be made available to the areas where the Wi-Fi cannot be operated. In reference to Internet-connected devices, he has also proposed using Li-Fi in hospitals to power medical instruments.


The Li-Fi pioneers ‘pureLiFi’, has two products in the market. One of them is Li-Flame Ceiling Unit to connect to an LED light fixture, and the other is is Li-Flame Desktop Unit which connects to a device via USB, both aiming to provide light and connectivity in one device.

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Li-Fi indeed promises some appreciable benefits which the current technologies fail to offer. However, it is yet to be seen how successful the implementation of this new technology turns out to be.

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