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Know what our favorite cartoon characters taught us

Being young, all we wanted was to sit in front of the TV screen and watch our favorite cartoons fight to save the world, find treasures, do silly things, and what not! But if we look back to those amazing cartoon shows that aired when we were young, then we can conclude some important lessons of wisdom that those amazingly cute characters were trying to convey before life hits us hard.

Let’s take a nostalgic stroll down your memory lane, and try to understand what these characters were striving to teach us!

Real monsters are humans(Scooby Doo)

Scooby Doo along with his gang solved many crimes traveling in a van named Mystery Machine. It taught us that the deeds of humans could be scarier than ghosts or spirits. Furthermore, the power of friendship was also depicted in this show, and it was amazing to watch episodes which gave us chills and giggles of laughter simultaneously.

Respect Your Elders(The Smurfs)

The village of smurfs was full of mysterious blue creatures who valued their culture and elder, Papa smurf, who wore a red hat and had long white beard. No matter which problem was bothering them, the entire village of smurfs relied on Papa smurf who efficiently solved their problems, sometimes with magic, and sometimes with the wisdom.

Friendship knows no borders (Pokemon)

Though we only focused on the friendship of Ash, Mystique and Brock; there was a deep message hidden for us in every episode. Initially, none of the trainers were able to understand their Pokemon, but later each of them developed friendly relations with their respective Pokemons despite their differences in the past.

Always be down to earth(Richie Rich)

He was rich and had every resource to buy whatever he desired, but he was never rude to anyone, not even to his Robot Maid, Irona. Also, he taught us the art of overcoming every problem without panicking and scolding his friends without being impolite. He always smiled and was never greedy for anything.

Science is fun(Dexter’s Laboratory)

You cannot deny the fact that chemistry became our favorite subject only because of Dexter. He was always indulged in mixing chemicals and preparing new things using his knowledge of Science and Technology. This way, we were always felt more inclined toward chemistry and the scientific concepts.

You can be quiet and confident at the same time(The Pink Panther Show)

The Pink Panther never said anything but was quite confident in handling his life’s problems. Although he tripped numerous times in a day, it never dampened his confidence and charisma. And thus, we learned that you need not be extrovert for being confident and there is nothing wrong in being introvert and quiet.

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