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6 Life Lessons for the Students to Learn from Google

As soon as the name of Google comes in our mind, we cannot help but appreciate the efficiency with which it works. It has surpassed beyond imaginations by becoming the Internet giant. If we face any problem in life, do not know an answer to a particular query or get stuck in the middle of doing something; we simply tend to use the phrase “just Google it”.

As Google celebrated its 18th birthday on September 27th, 2016 (which stands debatable); it has come a long way through its journey by imparting knowledge and lessons to the people worldwide. Even the scholars of today’s era can learn some vital life lessons from Google. Some of them are:


The most striking feature of Google is the speed it offers to its users. You search for almost anything out of your brain-box and with a click Google has an answer to it. It can bring the solutions to even the weirdest of questions in the blink of your eye.

The students can thus learn to be spontaneous in their daily activities of life. When they will achieve the desired goals with speed, they will attain academic as well as personal excellence. The college scholars are mostly allotted the assignment writing work by their professors which have to be completed within a deadline. Due to lack of time, the students tend to take online assignment help from the service providers.


Everyone is well aware of the accurate results Google is able to generate within seconds. One cannot find vague or invalid information through the optimised search of the Google search engine. Owing to this reason, it ranks at the topmost position of the most-preferred searching platform by the users.

The students too can imbibe this useful trait in their life to attain success. Accuracy in every form, be it academic or on the personal front is required by the scholars to excel in their specific domains. When they are assigned academic works by their subject faculty, they are expected to deliver perfect documents with much accuracy and precision.


You might have any query in mind, you have Google at your disposal. With its highly efficient Search Engine Optimization(SEO) enabled platform, Google is always present round-the-clock to satisfy your thirst for knowledge.

The same can be implemented by the students in their lives. They should make themselves available at all times in the service of others. The world is today driven by selfish motives to make only oneself content. However, what we forget to understand is that the world can be a much better place if each one of us strives to help the other in times of distress. Hence, the scholars can inculcate the useful trait of helping the others whenever they might need help.


Google can be perceived as a vast ocean of never-ending knowledge. It has answers to any imaginable query in this world. The questions which begin like “why, who, what, when, how” and so on; Google can answer it all with its extensive knowledge spectrum.

As a student too, it is expected to have ample knowledge in the prescribed discipline of study. Without proper insight into the     concerned subject, they cannot expect to excel in their academics. Not just academic knowledge, the scholars must also have a proper understanding of the life lessons and virtues.

Cognitive Thinking

ThinkingGoogle brings new innovations and technology each day. It has a team of professionals which goes beyond its mental horizons to think of effective ways to make the technology better day by day. It is through their creative thinking that they are able to achieve the unimaginable.

The scholars also should broaden their mental horizons to think in an innovative manner to attain the desired goals. Cognitive thinking has a positive impact on the mental health of an individual.


One can be allured by the level of commitment Google has towards its users. You can never complain of Google not satisfying your thirst for knowledge on any grounds.

It is imperative for the students to be committed to their work as well. When they show dedication and hard work towards their academic as well as personal activities, they will attain success at each stage of their life.

The scholars have a lot to learn from the Internet giant “Google” as it imparts vital life lessons to them. Through such lessons, scholars can attain success in their lives.

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