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Lies Illustrated About Universities in Movies

University aspirants set a lot of things in their mind about the upcoming years taking references from the thousands of movies that are based on the life of students. But all their dreams get flushed down the drain as soon as they step their feet into the lecture halls. They realise that university life is all about studies, asking for assignment help, submitting academic papers, constant stress, not about all the fun, dance, and romance as illustrated in most of the Hollywood movies. The experts associated with Instant Assignment Help Australia convey that it is not entirely the fault of the scholars. The life they expect at university is derived from the instances of thousands of movies.

If you too are heading to university any time soon, then read this blog and get enlightened about the common lies that you believe to be true.

Let’s get started!

Clubs will have overly talented people

The movies that relate with the life of the scholars depict that the clubs formed by the students who are exceptionally talented and have potential to excel in every field. This is nowhere related to the actual universities. In most of the cases, you’ll see students with no real passion and talent. Although there will be some who are actually interested in the field, others just use it as an excuse to bunk lectures.

There will be an undercover cop

Almost every action film that revolves around the university life has an undercover cop who looks much older yet pretends to be a student. The possibility of meeting such a person in reality and helping him/her in a mission is quite rare. So do not look at every college senior with suspicious eyes and rather concentrate on your studies because it is possible that they too are following their passion.

Every party is epic

In movies, not even one college party is depicted boring. Moreover, the crowd in every party is similar. Contrary to this, parties at university can be boring at times. Also, the number of students vary in each one of them depending on the host.

You can pass without studying

In the Hollywood movies, students are either involved in dancing, or debates or basketball. No one ever studies yet manages to pass their exam with flying colors. Never pull this stunt in reality as it may turn out to be the biggest mistake of your life.

There is a stalker who will scare you each night in your dorm

Okay, this only happens in the thriller or the horror movies, but no such thing will ever happen to you in real life. You’ll just attend the classes, return to your dorm and sleep peacefully. Even if you are awakened in the middle of the night, you will not find any ghosts in the corridor, and there are fair chances that your classmates are awake till then.

Roommates are incredibly supportive

Do not expect this at any cost as you may encounter the most spoiled brats during your university years. But do not distance yourself from everyone and stay alone, instead try to adjust with them. However, walk out as soon as you feel that your self-esteem is being compromised.

We hope that you’ve got a reality check about the university life and you will enjoy your university life and learn some essential life lessons. All the best for your future!

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