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Misconceptions about Linux that you should not believe

We live in an era where we have the option to choose from various operating systems, but for some individuals, Windows is the only Operating System that they have ever worked on. In a lifestyle where we always crave for the best from the lot, everyone should be aware of different operating systems as well so that they can choose which one is an incredible choice according to their requirements.

There are a lot of Operating Systems, but here we are going to discuss the one that is being misunderstood the most, Linux. The experts offering assignment help to the students have conveyed a few myths about this operating system that are more popular than reality.

Let’s take a read through the following misconceptions and get enlightened of them!

Linux is an Operating System!

If you dig deep into the facts and technicalities, Linux is not an operating system but an OS kernel. Wondering what a kernel is? The kernel is the core of all OSs, the quality of the kernel directly affects the performance of the operating system. In case kernel is slow, your entire system will be less efficient and buggy, this means more crashes, BSOD, freezes and data losses. The proper name for the OS Linux is GNU/Linux. This is because the Linux kernel would not be able to do much without GNU!

Linux is a console screen OS

Yes, the Linux kernel relies on the command lines, but it doesn’t mean that you do not have any other option. There are two popular window managers to choose from that suits you the best. KDE is much like windows and an ultimate option for the individuals who do not wish to lose their love for Windows. On the other hand, GNOME is a bit different and imparts freshness to the users. However, these two are not the only options, Enlightenment, Metacity, Blackbox, IceWM, WindowMaker, FVWM, etc., are too in the list.

Nobody uses Linux!

This is terribly wrong because the Linux and GNU are the two strongest pillars of the World Wide Web. Because of the qualities such as modularity and security, this is the most logical and practical choice for the web servers. With each passing day, more  individuals are recognizing the importance of this and opting for the GNU/Linux because it’s cheap, durable and safe, and because it will never be killed.

Linux is extremely difficult to maintain

If you said this a few years back, your views were possibly valid. But now, the Linux needs less or no maintenance at all! In case you struggle a lot because of sharing PC with your siblings who often mess with the Windows installation, then opt for Linux and your problem will be resolved at the drop of a hat.

There are several compatibility issues with Linux

Again, this fact was true a few years ago, but today most of the hardware are compatible with this miraculous OS. However, some issues are being encountered with a few printers and wireless cards, but this is not anything that you cannot resolve.

You’ll have to ditch windows for using Linux

Most of the people do not give Linux a chance because they think that they will have to install Linux and discard windows. And, if they find it tough to work on Linux, they’ll again have to follow a long and tiresome procedure to get back to windows. This is absolute nonsense as there are many Linux distributions which offer Live CD. This enables you to try Linux without the installation. Simply download, burn and reboot your PC.

If you don’t want this, then there is always an alternative of the Virtual Box. This allows you to install Linux on a virtual machine inside your Windows.

So, think out of the box and try Linux for once!

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