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Things To Do in the First Week of Your College

Getting enrolled in a college for higher education is one big step in your journey of life. This step comes along with some emotional experiences (joy and sadness alike), but every other episode you go through during this transition is mostly overshadowed by the nervous anticipations. Though these feelings are entirely normal, they can keep you from behaving normal. The only way to ward off these anticipatory jitters, lies in preparations. So here are a few to-do tasks that can transform your first week in college, from juggling dilemma to a solid head start.

Attend orientation meetings

The orientation events are devised for freshmen, and it is only right if they (you) attend them. Though there will be a multitude of cliches, the greatest being ‘It’s not high-school anymore’, (wow! Breaking news!), but there shall also be some unique information that you need to know, like the hours of night curfews, travel support, dorm rules, emergency contacts, etc. So while you may feel tempted to avoid one or two of such meetings owing to their tediousness, you know it is the only way you can survive your college years without any controversial incident.

The Syllabus

This is the document of utmost importance. You may have it framed for all its significance. It is, in fact, a written contract between your faculty and you, any breach in which may land you permanently in the angry-stare zone. Whether a point gets discussed in class or not, if it is written in your syllabus, it needs to be followed. So if have any confusion, in regards with the syllabus your professor has given you, do not hesitate and ask about it, for no argument about ignorance shall ever be addressed.

Extra-Curricular Activities

In your first week you are bound to come across several fliers and pamphlets calling for applications for mathematicians club, science scholars league, quiz circle, college journalism group, and much more. At times, you will feel simply overwhelmed by them, but if you find a group or class of your interest, do not shy away from them. In fact, they can prove to be the great tools for socializing, not to mention how they will fill the gaps of what-to-do-now periods. Everything considered, the best way of making the most of the extra-classes is by joining the ones that may earn you extra credits. Start by asking your faculty about it; after all, no one regrets an easy A.


Once you get free of all the first week sessions, explore the ground of your college. See the areas near your dorm, check every other dining hall out, and buy the initial annual discount cards. While going for the premise survey, bring along your time-table. Visit each of your classrooms beforehand. Make yourself acquainted with the area. As a result of this pre-class touring, you will beat every chance of getting lost, and consequently, you will be able to conjure the miracle you have never dreamed of- reaching the classes before the first bell, in your first week!

Make friends

And by that we don’t only mean with the other freshman. No, you need to make your circle bigger to survive in college, and the best way of creating this extended circle is by making the required attempts in the first week itself. Create good acquaintance with your professors, R.A.s, roomies, etc. Remember, it is no more a high school, pardon for the cliche, but college. The people you meet here are going to hang around, and there is no home nearby to escape them, might as well make a few new friends.

Online assignment help

These organizations are soon going to become your lifeline. Whether you have availed their services in high-school or not, in college you will be bound to use them. The numerous assignments you will receive would simply be impossible to complete without assistance. At that time, when you would search the web for suitable help, chances are high that you will get stuck with a bad service provider in all the hurly-burly of the submission deadline. So, do that task now when you have ample time. Doing so may also be extra beneficial, considering the membership offers some of these organizations offer.

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