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What are the new features that PHP has brought you in version 7?

What are the new features that PHP has brought you in version 7?

Since over a decade PHP7 is the only major release, PHP has gone for. The community is embracing the new release as their lovechild. After PHP5.0, plans were to release the version six, first and then move towards seven. But, as soon as version 5.3.0 sets its foot in the commercial world, programmers have started enjoying the features PHP6 meant to have. Then the company updated till version 5.6 before having enough of that and moving onto 7. The team of programmers has decided to end the infamous project (PHP6) gracefully. The reason that the new features were way ahead of those, they had thought to release in version 6, had played a significant part in their decision-making process. So, let's find out the features we can enjoy in PHP7, and not in the earlier version of it. Here they go:

Fast Speed

How do PHP make websites fast? Yes, the researchers have worked very hard to refract the PHP codebase. As a result, PHP7 requires less memory space leading to faster than double the speed of PHP5. However, you cannot yet be sure if your project will experience such a boost in speed, as it's subjective to a lot of variables. The results have been noted down for major platforms such as Drupal and WordPress. On the other hand, a survey proves that more than 25% of sites on the web use WordPress for a platform, hence good news for them at least.

Type Declaration

PHP is considered to be a comparatively low profile language if we look at it amongst the others. You don't have to mention data types, and the language has the freedom to assign them independently. In PHP 5 you can only suggest a specific data type in the declaration. Besides that, you just mention two of them, an array or a class name. New type declarations that have been released with the version 7 PHP includes Scalar Type Hints, Strict Examples, Return Type Declaration, Strict Int, and Non-strict Int.


In the earlier versions of PHP, the fatal errors were utterly non-recoverable. You and your program used to have a relationship where if you made a mistake, and a fatal error occurs, the system would go ahead and just stop the entire script. As a result, the production server will only produce a blank white screen. It's terrible for your websites, for your project may lose credibility because the viewer is confused.

Apart from the features PHP added, there were many of the important ones that were removed. So if your websites claim those changes as necessary, there's no need for you to switch to a newer version. But, as we all know, we all are speed freaks in one way or the other. And, nobody wants to visit a low performing website. Hence, the new "Refracting PHP Codebase" may attract you a lot towards PHP7. It's entirely your decision to make what you want to do with your website.

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