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The students have a fascinating life. It is full of drama, happiness, grief, anxiety and sometimes depression too. One can relate a student's life with the most beautiful thing in the world, while for other time, it may be like living inside a pressure cooker.

No wonder someone has said, “Studying is derived from the world Student Dying.” Listed below are some amusing and entertaining one-liners that suit the life of every college-goer:


It describes the trait of an amateur carpenter who uses a hammer for everything that looks like a nail. There are screws, nails, fishing nails and hooks. But a beginner, who is not so observant will consider each one as a nail.

The similar trait is seen in a life of a student. (S)He doesn’t look into the details of the problems and often seen using the wrong tool to mend different situations.


There was a beautiful old saying, ‘early bird catches the worm’ which means that it is best to be a morning person and not procrastinate on things that are on your priority. Otherwise, someone else will take away the benefit of the opportunity, the time has provided you. This is a standard advice given to every student.

To add a whimsical touch and a more appropriate meaning to the quote, some smart person has added up ‘early bird catches the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese’ which alters the meaning stating that if you are early you can be trapped and face failure as the first mouse. It is better to be the second one, who can learn from the mistakes of the previous person and can reap the reward.

So, now you have an answer for everyone who lectures you on being a procrastinator.


Our parents, teachers and everyone we are in a relationship with, has taught us to confess and speak truth for every mistake we make. This funny one-liner is for those who tried to confess before their teachers and they end up getting themselves in trouble.

We have seen many students who do not complete their homework or assignments, and when the teacher caught these scholars, they panic and often confess. As a result, they end up getting bad grades in their academic papers.

So, the next time your teacher catches you cheating, do not admit. As for the fact everyone cheats but only a few are caught.


Remember your childhood days when you never used to feel shy before doing anything, and you are always happy with whatever you have. As we grow up, we wait for the right moments and with the passage of time, we isolate ourselves from happiness. Our feelings are often dependent on one thing or the other.

This beautiful quote is a useful advice for every student telling them to enjoy every second of this life, no matter what the weather might be. Just dance, sing and enjoy even at the roughest situation of life. This is an efficient way to respond to the distractions and overcome your problems.


This quote is as famous as the word ‘Plagiarism’ in the life of every student. Every scholar has used this one-liner at least once in the life. They are noticed to make use of this quote as a statement to justify their plagiarism, often jokingly.


This quote has a hidden meaning which goes on as if a student is heading towards any direction and everything is coming in his/her way, then it is signaling some kind of danger. To avoid the collision or problems in life, one should get away the wrong lane and should go in another direction.

To understand it correctly, one should try imagining oneself driving in a wrong direction on a high road. You can understand the meaning of this instance.


This is one funny quote for the students. As in our college life, we don’t feel good about our failures. We don’t like people to know and amuse about our failures. It often leaves us feeling embarrassed and guilty.

So the next time you fail, just destroy all the proofs that show you tried for something particular. You will feel less bad about it.

But at the same time, this should not stop you from trying anything new. Every student reading this should remember- “Amateurs built the ark. Professionals built the Titanic.”

So try and try again, but don’t let anyone know about your defeats. The time you achieve success, your work will speak about it.

We hope every student found this blog amusing and could relate to their feelings while reading it. Keep enjoying!

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