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Tips for the Students to Overcome Their Smartphone Addiction

It is believed worldwide that addiction of any form is bad for humans. Our addictions to certain life situations start to control our daily activities and personal lives. The technological boom has given us yet another reason to show signs of high addiction, and that is - smartphones.

It is the most common phenomenon affecting the lives of the students in an adverse manner. The young lives of today’s era are found glued to their mobile phones. They have their eyes set on the phone even before getting out of bed, constantly checking the phone while studying; there is constant interference of the smartphones in the academic and personal lives of the students. “Nomophobia” which is referred to as “no-mobile-phobia”, is on the rise among the scholars and this must be prevented at all costs. Have a read:

Give Your Morning a Meaningful Start

If you find yourself opening your eyes to the screen of your smartphone, then you are in some serious trouble. The morning time is vital in the life of a student and should be dedicated to making the rest of the day fruitful. Hence, the scholars must begin their day with a meaningful note to it by eating healthy breakfast, doing some physical and mental exercise and motivating oneself towards positivity. For a student, this will help them in attaining academic excellence.

Create Some No-Phone Time

The bitter truth which every scholar must accept is that they cannot live without their mobile phones and it remains with them for the entire day- even during their sleep hours. This fact has been medically proven to have hazardous effects on the human body. To avoid the same, the students must dedicate some time away from their phones- completely away. This will upgrade their concentration graph towards their academic works.

Keep the Notifications Away

When the students sit down to study, it is a common phenomenon to get distracted by the ceaseless notifications from the various social media platforms. The more the scholars check their phones, the more addictive they become. Hence, they must turn off the notifications to keep the distractions away to concentrate on their academics.

Delete the Irrelevant Apps

This will help you to declutter your mobile phone and will reduce the time that is spent on exploring the irrelevant apps. This would take you a step away from their smartphone addiction. The time saved from this can be utilised effectively in doing vital academic tasks.

Avoid Sleeping with Your Phone

It is a common habit of the young lives to lose their sleep over the mobile addiction. They stay up until late hours of the night engrossed in their smartphones playing online games, browsing through the online videos or chatting on the social media. This affects their sleeping patterns adversely and downgrades their academic success. The students can try switching off their phones an hour before their sleeping time to ensure a real good morning.

The life of a student is meant to be spent with informative books, real friends and endless fun. Their life should revolve around the academics including assignment writing for which they might take online assignment help from ‘Instant Assignment Help’. However, this life has somewhere lost its meaning. Instead of books in their hands, the students are observed carrying trendy smartphones to keep themselves entertained. It’s high time that the parents and teachers pay heed and prevent the scholars from the smartphone addiction.

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