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Simple practices that students can incorporate to stop Global Warming

Earlier explained as a concept of gradual rise in the environmental temperature, Global Warming will soon become a threat to our planet. It's now in the hands of students to educate themselves and others about harmful effects of global warming.

Coming generations bring hope to the survival of our species on the face of this planet. There is a lot of harm that we have already done to the environment. From the fuel we use to cook food, drive cars, etc., to our eating habits, and the lifestyle we have, everything is damaging the planet. We know that the earth is just too enormous to save, but we can together save a few species that may get extinct if we keep neglecting the fact that the planet is getting hotter.

This is how global warming affects the nature:

  1. The climate changes.  
  2. Weather change their cycle.  
  3. It can bring droughts.
  4. It boosts the Hurricanes by the number and the intensity.
  5. Decreases the world population, not in a way we planned it.

The results are somewhat horrific. However, it can still be prevented before heat splits the time and reality and ghouls start roaming our planet. Given are a few simple habits we need to incorporate in our daily life.

Change the light bulbs

It seems like your incandescent bulbs are producing too much heat compared to the light it gives. Although one lamp doesn't overheat the environment, its usage in bulk can warm up a city by a few degrees resulting in a lighter atmosphere. The wind will then change its direction depending on the pressure and may cause storms and hurricanes.

Change the light bulbs and get CFL or even better, get LED. The energy emitted by these modern lamps is considerably lesser than that of conventional incandescent bulbs. In addition to that, the latest bulbs have a longer life.

Change your driving habits

Most of us use cars that run on fossil fuels. When gasoline burns, the heat it produces is applied to run the engine. According to the law of thermodynamics, it is impossible to achieve 100% efficiency under natural condition. It goes perfectly with the engines that run these cars. They emit a lot of pollutants and heat from their exhausts. High-performance fuel is also available at your nearest gasoline pumps, but that doesn't help to prevent global warming either.

To put an end to global warming, students need to design the engines that don't cause any pollution. Be it 100% efficient gasoline engine or a high power electric or solar engine; we need new engines. Also, switching to electric and solar cars is suggested by many environmentalists. You can do that or at least pool a colleague's ride to the office.

Plant more trees

The population is rising. Everybody knows the fact that as we speak, there are some forests being cleared out to build new farms. You cannot oppose building farms because that get you food. Instead, you can plant a tree at home, in your backyard, or anywhere you find a space. There are a lot of options on trees that you can plant. You can have your favorite fruit in your garden if the weather supports it.

Perspective is what we are lacking, and with smarter generations of students coming, the problem can be sorted. As students learn about animals, their habitats, pollution, & how it affects our planet, others can enjoy the world which will then improve on a daily basis. While a few work on technology other few may find political studies more interesting, which in turn will give us educated leaders. Time to imbibe and promote the importance of different perspectives is now.

To spread the awareness, you can write blogs, essays, and other write-ups related to global warming and its effects on nature. You can also join rallies and become part of a movement that deals with the various issues of global warming. If you find the time is too less to complete your college assignments, Instant Assignment Help Australia is there for you. Our team of academic writers and researchers will get you the best assignment help services.

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