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Some interesting psychological theories that you didn’t know exist

For centuries, scientists have been observing behavioral tendencies possessed by different people, but haven’t been able to draw an inference that could offer conclusive evidence regarding the human psychology. It is often believed that a human brain is more complex than the universe itself, therefore it is quite difficult to predict about its functioning. But you would be surprised to know that there are a few theories that have successfully proven themselves, and provided answers to many questions of Psychology. In this blog, we have listed some of such theories that will leave you awestruck.

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Placebo Effect

You must have heard about this theory but the actual explanation states that human behaviour experiences changes based on anticipated results. For example, if you have stomach ache and have taken a pill for it, you would instantly feel relieved. This is not due to the pill as it takes almost half an hour for any drug to show its effects, rather it’s because you think that you’ll get better after taking the medicine.  
Placebo effect is quite prominent in the medicine industry as it helps patients to overcome various health issues without much effort.

The Effect of Atmosphere 

You would be unaware of the fact that atmosphere around you can have an influence on your decision making and overall behaviour. Studies have shown that subjecting oneself to a similar climate or weather throughout the year can make your mind dull. On the other hand, countries which experience atmospheric variations have an overall happier demography.

Opposites Don’t Attract

Well, you must have heard of that old saying, ‘Opposites attract’ but the science of psychology denies it completely. According to this misconception, two people who are miles apart from each other in terms of behaviour, morality, profession, etc., are more likely to become friends but the truth is, people often prefer those who think and act similar to them. You would often find a group of friends who either study in same class, have similar profession, or even like same sports. This just goes to show how people seek companionship in others who have same characteristics.

No one is ‘Fool’proof

This is interesting! Many psychological findings have shown that humans can be easily fooled to pay more for anything. People who think can not be fooled or taken advantage of are most likely to get tricked. You would be amazed to know that a survey conducted by a Chinese university showed that as much as 97% of people agreed to buy a toy worth $3 in $60.

Hope you liked reading this interesting blog. For more such amazing content, stay tuned!

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